Kite 3.0 - beta!


This is not possible.


Can I appeal to Back end team to increase the Watch list and size to 30 and 10 respectively.


No option as such for now.


Kite 3 Showing Me In Offline Mode. But My Internet Is Activate And I Am Able To Use Internet On MY Computer. Kite 2 Showing Online But Why Kite3 Is Showing Me Offline.



This can happen only if there is any internet disconnection issue.


Why my account is being logout automatically many times in a day ?

It’s really frustrating specially when, you have open positions.


Likely someone else is also using it or if you logged out prior from other browser/ system / mobile app.


At a particular time, how many login sessions are supported ? Mostly I am logged in web as well as kite app.


But don’t log out from the other.


@nithin everything is looking good. But is that possible like suppose I have opened a popout chart and there is a search button in top left of the chart page where we can open another chart but that chart must be in the market watch list . Is that possible like in future updates we can open chart of any share without need to first add it in the market watch. And the most important please bring a scanner button in kite where we can search all the listed stocks of nse bse like which is making new high or low or closer to day high or low. I am new to trading pardon me if those are silly questions


Will note this but can’t commit on this feature.

In our list of things to do.


I Have A open Position In Vedl Which I Traded Through BO Order But My One Order Got Triggered Automatically

This Is My Order book What To Do Now. I have Open Short Position In VEDL And Its Not Getting Square Off.


@siva Please Help Me On This Above Matter


Its not like that there is no option. Can you please provide the possible limitations to not increase it more than 20 ? it would be a great help if you being more informative even if its technical information, I will be able to decode it.


When we can see that ?
Hope u can provide any specific time frame for that.


When we can see that?
Hope u can provide any specific time frame for that


And about that chart thing , if we add share first in market watch then open the chart by that time we can miss few important moves . And it takes time also :sleeping:. Hope to see it in near future.


No particular time-frame .


Very Bad Customer Service By ZERODHA. Not Picked My Phone Even A Single Time. And Just Say Sorry For That F**king Technical Glitch. Very Bad Performance by Zerodha. And Now No Response From @siva & @nithin . All They Are Just SHIT.


was ur issue resolved??