Kite 3.0 - beta!


In latest kite app update it is weird that the right panel remain white even in dark mode. There was a problem with icons going invisible in dark theme. But now although icons on top changes after theme change, the right panel remain sore of users eyes.


Watchlists in K3 still do not show the Holdings. Have written to Support multiple times. But all I get is pl. do Refresh and all that.
It was no prob in K2.
Lately I saw that the Holdings were visible for my SGB & NCD holdings. But in next login Holdings disappeared for those as well.
Hoping for the fix soon.


@siva @rajesh_kumar @newguy @nithin
I suppose that I had found when these candle spikes occur… i was really frustrated by them…then eventually found that they occur when i had opened more than one browser window/tab of kite …,actually i used that setup to see the charts and market depth together…but in new kite if we pop-out the chart instead opening new tabs then this candle spike problem is not there.Also we get market depth ,positions,orders and charts all in the same pop out chart.I had tried this since 2 days and not facing any problem …will suggest others do the same :slight_smile:


@siva, @nithin
Sirs, in K3, EOD chart still does not show data upto the current date after probably 12:00AM, it shows data upto a day before. Will this be resolved in upcoming updates?


In multiple chart, if I search bankifty05apr1824300pe no result shows up, whereas it is showing in main menu. I am unable to open options in multiple chart as it doesn’t show in search. Please help as I wont be able to use multiple chart for options.




Cant see banknifty weekly options… @siva
Also my previous ticket w.r.t saved views is still unanswered.
Can you look into the same?


@siva Can’t see any Nifty options, how to add Nifty options to watch list


I can see it, not sure how you are searching, type banknifty (space) 24000 ( strike), all expiries will show up.


Refresh your page once, type Nifty (space) followed by strike.


Thank you :smile::smile:


@siva, can you pl specify the exact timing of this when chart would show such anomaly and why this happens?


as in i was talking abt the feature that is in PI ! we get to knw the LTP and the time for the same when it was last traded


From 12AM to 4AM, during that time we run some process on charts, soon this time will come under 30 mins.


Thanks a lot


The Volume and price charts are not display properly. Some times i see a sudden spike in Volume and after that minute, the volume show as normal. Also the candles are not formed properly.


@siva Any restrictions for drawing in chart…I draw a lines in chart…If I close chart and open again the lines are disappearing…Any reasons for this issue…and I’m not clear my cache and cookies, history…


Market depth not showing…some stocks not showing…


angel has this online DIS facility where you can just transfer cdsl to cdsl shares within a few clicks.
for Zerodha, you have to request a DIS slip - through mail, they will give a request form, you have to fill that and send courier to them, they will send a DIS booklet of 10 slips back to you, you have to fill those slips and send courier back to them.



Currently our priority is moving backoffice inhouse, will take your feedback and pass it to our team, based on possibility will incorporate this in coming days.