Kite 3.0 - beta!


Let me try, but help me out , how to change


Go to system setting -> Display ->Resolution and change it to recommended. If not can google it and if still any help is required can create ticket here.


Thank you , let me try one’s ,


Its already in recommended settings only


Can you create ticket about this.


@siva …candle spikes and volumes continues …and this is the 8 th day of this problem…i am litrally helpless…and ram usage is doubled and system r dragging…i dunno wht is the purpose of updating …is to upgrade or downgrade ???


…if i need to hire a software professional to sort this out i am ready to even pay for house visit …or tell me where i can find a guy to find bugs in kite 3.0


Same problem.
The charts are all the time fluctuating. And to get the correct units (both Price and Volume), you need to refresh it every 10seconds. So do I keep on refreshing 1000times a day.

Have already complained thrice in the past 15days, but there still is no solution.
Please ask your software development team to correct/resolve it!!


@siva …does the candle spike issue will definetly get sorted by monday or u will say the same excuse for next week also?..becos this will be my last msg to u people who has launched a platform full of bugs and dont even know the source of a problem which is goin on for 2 weeks …if u dont know why u guys launching this useless platform on first hand…does our anger looks funny to u guys ???


Can you add a feature to select all stocks and exit all of them at once? Might come in handy for some.


Most likely by Monday EOD ie for tuesday it should be sorted.


You mean from positions window or order book?


This should be sorted by Tuesday.




Ideally anything should be fine but good if it is one’s system recommended.


@siva bar is not forming properly.


from holdings. Like in smallcase you can exit the whole smallcase. Just like that.



Can you refresh page once and check now.


now working fine…