Kite 3.0 - beta!


half of my time goes in adding the scripts and then finding out that cant be replaced with another chart ! ! Trying to add tatachem in this tab but it doesnt turn up ! have added tata chem in each and every marketwatch ! New%20Bitmap%20Image|433x261New%20Bitmap%20Image

@siva @nithin


As S*** as the kite 3.0 is… you need to refresh each and ever tab on browser starting with the mother tab (which has all the marketwatches). Then prey Aum Namah Sivay.
If God bless then OK.
If not,
then mouth few of the select abuses that you know.
And log out and then login again.

Also its SCRIP and not SCRIPT


yepp sorry Scrip ! :slight_smile:


@siva @nithin what the hell is wrong with ur platform ! so much errors are faced these days ! just now tried to order then gateway nest error and the message showd was order cancelled but which was left open in the background ! who is going to take responsiblites in case if it makes loss :@


Can you explain a bit more with screenshot and order rejection reason, as I know there was no issue from our end.


i got a msg frst validation pending den gateway error something and den after a min or two i see that the order has gone forward ! i cancelled it on my own den ! if the order is getting processed den why does it shows error in it ?


@siva @nithin please guys look into this stuffs we have been showing so much of response by telling u so much of errors in the new version ! we were happy with the old version ! please provide an option for the users if they want to upgrade it or not ! dont force feed us with unstable updates !


This is totally related to order management which is backend, kite is just a frontend, both are not related in any way. Also if you can share status of order, we can look in to this because there was no issue at our end.
Also if you have any doubts or you think you are facing any issue, you can create ticket here and message me ticket number, I can get it sorted for you.


the main issue here ive already told abt the chart thing too ! look into it !


This is perhaps the dumbest improvement in Kite 3.0. I am still waiting for Zerodha to come with a solution.


Zerodha does not care about frequent traders or they somehow benefit from making it not so easy to modify or cancel order. they seems to have done this “great improvement” from suggestion of a new client. Perhaps you can think of changing your broker.


I have been using Kite3 since I joined Zerodha (from Feb 1). My trading frequency is less than 10 per day. I can’t complain much about UX of Kite3 (apart from some chart glitches).

Just checking if there is possibility to include new features

  1. that helps us to keep stop loss overnight for CNC orders
  2. real time screener (I dont want to subscribe smallcase screener)
  3. display intra-day and Futures margin requirement in order window.

Is kite for mobile based on kite3? or it is separate thing?


@nithin Instead of typing the quantity size of the lots while buying options wouldn’t it be better to just mention number of lots to buy so that software can internally calculate the quantity size.



In previous version of kite, in orders section when we hover the cursor on a pending order we were able to see MODIFY or CANCEL options directly on the pending orders. this is missing in kite3. previous options were very useful in cancelling or modifying the pending orders. but in kite 3 we have to hover the curser on the pending order then click on a button that pops up then search for the cancel or modify option and then take the action. this process is very time consuming. i request you to give MODIFY or CANCEL options directly on the pending order just as it was in the kite2. It becomes very easy to cancel the pending order.

This feature is already working good in kite mobile app its super easy to modify or cancel orders in mobile app so please consider my request for above mentioned problem regarding modifying or cancelling pending order in kite 3 web bowser.
thank you.


I too am facing this issue. Random fluctuations in candlestick.Please sort this out the earliest.
Check this link…It has many examples


Tomorrow it should be fine.


Hi @siva, @nithin,

There is no mentioning of Sector on Kite. If you can consider mentioning Sectors in Holdings. Along with this sector wise pie chart or at least sector wise weight-age in holding would be really helpful for investor community on Zerodha.

This feature will help in avoiding concentrated investment in single sector and getting better idea of portfolio at higher level.


@nithin @siva
Its so frustrating with the charts!
Its Tuesday (As you said it to be resolved) and almost more than 20 sessions but still there is no solution.
Firstly you mandatorily made all switch to Kite3 version with the most imp. thing the Charts, not working properly. And then its like you don’t even care or don’t know how to resolve it.
Just 1-2days more else i’m changing the broker. Seriously bad service.


Do you want another week? or will you call someone from NASA ?


I agree with you, my bad, in a day or two it will be sorted.