Kite 3.0 - beta!


and in 4 chart view after few minutes neither candle form nor price tag moves. Also there is no dotted line for price tag.


Pls check nifty commodity chart @siva


Will get this checked.


@siva can you suggest , how to stop Kite3 “Pop Up” chart going to sleep mode , need the solution !!!


Hmmm… We are working on making sector-wise classification of holdings on Kite possible. This should be available soon.


Sorry, I din’t get it, can you explain a bit more on this.


I do keep few pop-up charts, what is happening is that , say if i go to orders or holdings and come back to see pop up charts , (only blank screen will be there ) after clicking pop up chart window , pop up charts start loading ( kind of sleep mode/ stop start !! )


Although Z, N n S are total SBs.
Why you suffer, for them?
If you are using chrome
Go To "chrome://flags"
Search for "Automatic Tab Discarding"
Disable it.

Hope that this post dont get deleted.


Siva if you were celebrity you would have been most trolled star as you keeping saying it will be fixed by next Tuesday or next 2 days or shortly. what’s your motivation :rofl:to come to work when you literally get abused by so many people here in zconnect/support after so called improvements in Kite 3


Give me one example here on tqa.
All of the posts - that even slightly criticize Zerodha - will get automatically deleted from the forum.


Enabling holdings button in kite 3 s not showing the amount of stock I own ! I use chrome in Mobile @siva r u able to help ?


Can check today after adding scrip on to market watch, no need to refresh page to show up in search box.


Better Hire good developers and test engineers…lot of issues…simply waste…


Hope you haven’t sent Demat PoA to Zerodha. Without PoA you can’t see or sell your holdings.


yes as of now its happening :smile: good to see that requests are getting fulfilled !


[quote=“MayankBajpai, post:1211, topic:25605”] @ganesh07
Its so frustrating with the charts!

Did you faced this today? I believe this is fixed once and for all, can let me know if you face this again.


@nithin @siva
There are 2 points-

  1. There are random spikes in both prices and volume.
  2. You need to refresh the chart again to get the accurate volume in that minute.

So, for now 1. is solved but 2. is still exists
Make sure this also gets rectified so that you climb from 3rd to The largest stock broker in India. :smile:


Will check on this.


No data for 11th April…

Happens a lot when checking charts EOD.


@nithin @siva

I have been posting this issue since many days but no one is responding to this query. please reply to below mentioned request.

In previous version of kite, in orders section when we hover the cursor on a pending order we were able to see MODIFY or CANCEL options directly on the pending orders. this is missing in kite3. previous options were very useful in cancelling or modifying the pending orders. but in kite 3 we have to hover the curser on the pending order then click on a button that pops up then search for the cancel or modify option and then take the action. this process is very time consuming. i request you to give MODIFY or CANCEL options directly on the pending order just as it was in the kite2. It becomes very easy to cancel the pending order.

This feature is already working good in kite mobile app its super easy to modify or cancel orders in mobile app so please consider my request for above mentioned problem regarding modifying or cancelling pending order in kite 3 web bowser.
thank you.