Kite 3.0 - beta!


Its Deleted Already


but I Copied The Link


They just unlisted it.
I have pushed them hard quite a few times.
I know that they can delete the topic altogether


This is amazing
I can’t see pending positions while it’s still open


it will come down upon them one day if they keep deleting.
How many users/voices can be silenced.
I’m not talking about offensive/violation posts etc.

but just bcos i opened a thread, they unlist it wrong.


This is My New Thread And they Again Unlist. I Will Keep Making New Thread until They Stop Unlisting It.


Jindagi Jhand ba phir bhi ghamand ba :joy::joy:


I don’t think this TradingQNA is for complains, it’s for knowledge sharing.




Today who made loss due to their technical glitch…Feel free to lodge complain against them on NSE complaint portal. And demand refund…


Are bhai… Barso se kite kite karte ho… Kabhi acchi tarike se udao kite ko…


If someone having 100 lots open… I bet he would consider other


Check Nifty Commodity Chart Pls. Candle displaying in abnormal way. @siva


they’re already elsewhere IMHO.


If your money in stake you won’t talk like this. Its happening every time, Same prblm. We can’t even predict when technical issues. I think its better not to trade


Surprising Ashwani Gujral was able to take his trades the way he’s going :D:D
are there preferential servers ?


biggest mistake of mine…i should leave zerodha earlier in the month of march…


Same Here @Siba_Prasad_Sahu I Have Already Opened Account In Upstox. But Due To Some Work Not Able To Offload Money From Zerodha To Upstox


I think he might have contacts of zerodha… Must be taking royal trading membership?.. How could someone trade that big with such consistent problems


One Month Before I Have To Suffer Loss As I Have Taken BO Position And My One order Was Open And I Was Not Able TO Square Off My Position. From That I promise Myself That I Will Never Take BO/CO position. And Today Thank God That I Don’t Have Done In BO/CO Order.