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Mr nithin would be personally calling such clients if they are having sucker problems like this :thinking:


Hello sir gujral… Nithin here… Your position is open, don’t worry… What is your exit point? It will be done, if not we will calculate and refund you… We don’t want to lose customer like gujral :thinking:


Yes. Think On That. I Was Very Anger At That Time. But Then Think Of To Use My Energy To Finding new Trades Instead Of Talking of The #3 Ranker


I really dont think anyone can complain about these issues because when you signed up zerodha it was clearly mentioned that technical glitches are risks and broker will not be responsible for this.

if you didn’t want to take this risk of technical glitches, why sign up with zerodha then?

Why accept the T&C blindly?


I agree when there is large money is involved patient gets a back seat.
When was the last time you faced such issue. Is it frequent ?


Wow, it was like that?
But imagine if big trader like gujral will not be contacted by zerodha if he is having open positions?.. I bet the ceo will personally call him before the big trader realise the problem :blush:


yup its happening every time. a month ago same think i faced



are you talking about that fraud ashwani gujral?

how do you know he is a big trader? have you seen his accounts?

now coming back to big traders, i.e traders with big account sizes. They will not even look at zerodha. They will probably trade with IB or some traditional brokers.


It’s not the issue… But it’s the issue


I am not sure… But any fake thing in this business can’t survive long enough… But really, who’s trading 100 lots +?


Well, I might try other broker since I don’t feel safe enough… Thank you zerodha
Bye :innocent:



you will be surprised the day when they can’t. It has happened before , there are cases historically of institutional rogue traders bringing down reputed banks.

yea , who is trading 100+ lots on zerodha? only zerodha can tell.


and yet tomorrow you will be here. :smile:

I really doubt anyone will close accounts with zerodha.

People have been saying that for years and yet they keep trading with zerodha.

All empty threats and zerodha knows this. LOL.


What? Are you a troll or something? Get a life… My friend comment after reading profile?


Please explain to me in detail , how am i trolling?

i don’t think you know the meaning of the word troll.


Well, I am am having a rage today just because of someone from zerodha unlisting my question…trading open position wasn’t that issue


You my friend… Why you are interested in what others doing personally… Who cares if someone stays at zerodha or not…
It’s opinions


Trust me, I m not. what makes you think i m interested in what others are doing?

I don’t care if someone stays with zerodha or not. I have no stake.

and btw unlisting is their right. We are given the privilege to be here on the forum. We can always leave if we don’t like the T&C. Don’t take it personal with the mods.


Open positions were going to be squared off (bo-co)… It’s still open


Yu are getting @Trader_dude wrong!!!
He commented not against you