Kite 3.0 - beta!


Time is in the picture?


at 6.58 am?


This will take time.


Yes who placed it .i never logged in .


Its not mock trading anyway


any estimate? this is really imp for traders like me who rely on trend lines, etc.


Can create ticket here and ping me ticket number today itself, provide order number with time in the ticket.


Give me a week to check on this possibility.


@nithin 4hr chart please


Will check on this.


Pi, unable to fetch historical data error, only intraday data… keeps popping up.

Any data issue that everyone should know of ?


Are you facing this right now?


From 9:30am happened continuously, last update of 9:45:10 seems to be ok.
I think it maybe fine now.


Will observe, its fine since above post.
I’m using 3m chart with 1D backfill only.

Only intraday data from current time of loading chart appears.


Increase the day count to 5 or more, if one select 1, that is from today itself being yesterday and day before is off.


my mistake for not explaining, it is 5D, what i meant is i need historical data of only previous trading day so wasn’t fetching 15D or 30D etc.


Try 3d when previous day is holiday, if not try 2d.


@siva charts are not loading properly on KITE since 2.45 pm. Either charts are not opening or if they open many candles are missing.
Pi is working fine!!


same here today


any update on the 10 scrips drawing limit? @siva