Kite 3.0 - beta!


More like Kite3.0 is now OUT.


@siva @Bhuvanesh kite not working again, not even receiving single tick (2.05 pm)


this issue is getting on my nerve… Why can’t you use cloud servers with Amazon Web or Google…


@nithin @siva the only thing which has helped me with trading when kite is not working properly ( most of the time ) is PI ! Please do not abandon PI because thats the one thing that is stable with zerodha softwares ! kite is a mess !


Why is AMO bracket order not allowed? Is it going to be implemented in near future?


No. it won’t be allowed in AMO.


ive moved to fyers. loving their platform


Upstox is also pretty good. Swipe left/right for buy/sell is a handy feature for day traders like me.


Kite kicked out again and no longer logging in… :frowning:

Back on :slight_smile:


@siva i lost all saved views
but views are not saved in browser cache ?? then how??


Please keep us posted about your experience… I look forward to joining you there


You lost means, deleted from your end or not showing up for you?


Their online and desktop portal/terminal are brilliant. Trading from charts is available
Same/similar margins as zerodha.
But phone app is not great. Kite mobile is way better.




What’s the leverage by feyers on equity cash? Is it 20x like Zerodha?


I think you should close this forum. due to this you are losing more customers :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


not me . it must you
i had 3 views


I Added funds into my trading account in Morning at 9;30 AM. Now Its 6;44 PM.
How long you guys will take to reflect Funds into my Trading account???

No response from Support Portal.
No response from Technical Support (Voice).


If you have already created ticket can message me ticket number, if not can create ticket here.


Can message me client ID, will get this checked.