Kite 3.0 - beta!


need automatically sort by change %. Currently its manual & as soon as we change the market watch it revert backs to its previous state. We need automatically sorting by change % where if a stock increases by 1% or any no. then it jumps to the top of the list. @siva @nithin


any update on 10 scrips limit on drawings? @siva


I checked on this but seems not possible for time-being.


This will be sorted.

This is not possible.


surprise test :joy::joy:


@siva i just opened Bank nifty index chat , it showing it as “SENSEX” but with banknifty values, why? refer the screenshot


Can refresh and try once again.


@nithin @siva please introduce price alerts on kite man, seriously it is turning out to be such a headache switching between and kite. Please provide these features as soon as possible.
1.stochastic rsi
2.price alert


We are coming out with new app itself for all kind of price alerts, soon this should be out, we are in final stages of testing.


oh great, finally!! cheers :v:t3:


Very bad…Charts not refreshing automatically…@siva made loss with ur _____ platform…


May be specific for your system, as I know there was no issue from our end. Anyhow I will also check. Can message me your ID.


@nithin @siva @Abid_Hassan can we get some sort of harmonic pattern recognition or drawing tool on kite?


@nithin @siva @Abid_Hassan And i also don’t see the 1.27% fibonacci extension level and 88.6% fibonacci retracement level on your tool. I hope this should be a really quick fix for you guys and we’ll see it soon on kite.


And if we could save the levels it would be amazing. Currently we’re supposed to set the fib levels each and every time we have to use the tools because the 78.6 and 23.6 levels are unchecked by default
i hope our requests are not just being replied to but are worked upon :smile:


@nithin @siva i’d like to give you guys a honest feedback as a kite user, your platform’s charts are really great, there is something about it that lets you see the support and resisitance level by just a glance, unlike trading view or the charts where the S&R levels are not that clear. On the other side Trading view has some great features like harmonic pattern drawing tools, some interesting indicators like stochastic rsi and loads of other ones which work beautifully as technical indicators. It also has other subtle features like double clicking to minimize all the other indicators and showing you the price action which is the most reliable. As a trader you have to go through so many charts, they are these subtle things that make our life so much easier. Till now i personally used to switch between kite and charts all the time and still do but trading qna platform has allowed me to give my feedback directly to the ones on the top :+1: and also on behalf of the many that use your platform. Please look into our comments and work on it. Hope this FEEDBACK was not too long :):sweat_smile:


We have already raised a request with our vendor on adding this, you can be specific on other indicators you would like to see on kite, will check on the possibility.


@siva in your technical team you have an Tester…lot of bugs…I draw lines in 15 min chart,again I switch into 1 day chart…lines are showing differently…I use line tool…


Line tool is not working perfectly…Test yourself draw lower frame line view into higher frame…It’s irradiating more…@siva…Maybe it’s working in Chrome well but I’m checking in Firefox…I think your developers , testers dont have an knowledge…Hire good team…


@siva Accelerator oscillator is another indicator which is available on the custom indicators on trading view but is not in platform. It would be nice to have this. And harmonic pattern drawing tool I feel is a must for a trader. Along with all the fib retracement and extension levels as an advanced option.