Kite 3.0 - beta!


That is not a bug that is normal behavior, it will change if time-frame is changed, also try segment option in tools, this should serve your purpose.


how it’s an normal behavior…In 15 min time frame i connect high price 550 means, if I switch 1 day time frame the line shows 552 or 553…the line should be 550 only…It’s an bug…
Okay do it yourself…Simple use line tool connect any last two or three high prices in 15 min, then switch time frame 1 day and see the line where it’s appear…If I draw line in 15 min, the line should be same position in any time frame…It’s an normal behavior…and also view on client’s perspective not an developer view…
I believe U test and reply…


You can use segment option in tools to mimic this behavior, can ignore line.


Okay thank you…


Data is missing in 5 Min Chart in kite…Very much inconvenient for trading on 5 min chart… Any solution from zerodha?


hide and seek by zerodha @siva


@siva Everytime i refresh, few candles go missing in the chart.
For example, if i refresh at 3.00 pm , then the candles from 2.50 to 2.59 pm are missing.
This a recurring issue. Any solution to fix this permanently?


@siva @Nithin

How to trade based on these kind of charts?
Services of zerodha are deteriorating day by day… This is not the first time such thing happened.
What measures are taken by zerodha to avoid such repeated errors?


@siva See everyone facing this problem…but U said it may be an your issue…It’s not an our issue…It’s your technical team problem…Understand and accept issues first…see last 4 to 5 messages…@siva

Yesterday also I face chart tick rendering problem…But I would’t complaint because your team won’t accept issues…@nithin

@nithin sir can you check kite chart in 9.15 AM…I face this issues in everyday…Open 5 min chart see what’s happening…In first 5 min chart ticks not rendering properly…If I change into 1 min charts working fine…that’s also very fearful to trade…because chart tick not updating automatically…Every minute need to refresh the chart…very poor services…@nithin


Thank you for writing to Zerodha.

We see that there is less number of trade taking place at the particular moment of time hence there has been no datas extracted from the system.

Please get in touch with us if you need any other information through our Support Portal or by calling us on 080-40402020

This is the reply i got from zerodha tech team…very funny indeed…how come there are no trades taking place at that particular time in all the scripts of NSE n BSE…

It is waste of time to write mail by spending our valuable time…it is better to shift our account to some other broker who takes their business seriously…


Some posts of mine deleted…I have no problem…I’m going to post Social media…try to give good services dont do this type of comedy’s…Improve your services…anyone know how to transfer holding stocks in one demat to another demat account…@siva


Multiple charts not working, can you please look into this @siva

Thank you


Normally we don’t delete just because some one is critical to us but only when their posts are irrelevant or redundant or not falling under the forum guidelines, you can check it by yourself as many posts in this thread are still there.


Can you do simple refresh and check.


Yes, it is fine now. Thank you @siva


I Know very well forum rules…Better you can create Separate category for Complaints or platform issues…because Mailing to your support team, they answer after two or three days it’s not possible in some cases…My issues is big…So i want an immediate solution, that’s why I posted here…After deleting I mailed your support team also…Can I post again my issue here…


We don’t mind answering general queries but the purpose of this forum will be defeated if we start answering client specific queries and also if we start doing that many will start posting the same here and as we have few lakh clients it would be impossible to do any justification so we do sometimes delete specific queries and ask our clients to create ticket where many queries are already answered.


Charts are working so much better in May than they were in April … now they are refreshing automatically too … seems like your team reverted to the earlier version or did some corrections in the programs … anyways now it’s much better than before… I like the charts of zerodha better than the other brokers because there are many indicators available to select from


Hi @siva i am getting this what may be the reason


@siva can you please give us atleast 8 marketwatches in kite, so that we can add all fno stock at one time & leave it. adding it & then deleting it for remaining is frustrating.