Kite 3.0 - beta!


Conceal the delete button to ‘more’ option in marketwatch. It is near the chart button. I accidentally clicked on it, and lost scrips. No confirmation message before delete. No option for undo the action


This is my sincere request to zerodha. I’m a price action trader & the limit of 10 scrips drawings based on FIFO principle is really frustrating. This is the only reason I really want to switch to another broker. Please remove this limit. I really want to stay with zerodha but constantly drawing lines frustrates me. Please look into it @siva @nithin . I’ve mailed you regarding the same. I’m not asking to add a new feature which takes time but just remove the current limits on drawings.


@siva @nithin can we have 50 stocks in a watchlist, nifty 50 i.e 50 stocks, nifty next 50 i.e next 50 stocks, but we have only 40 in kite. I think it makes complete sense to have 50 instead of 40.


Very recently only we have doubled the number of scrips that can be added on each marketwatch from 20 to 40, will check possibilities on increasing this further to 50 soon.


I have replied back.


hey @siva, i am using Kite 3.0 on google chrome. There are few serious issues with charting on kite.

  1. If the tab with chart is active, its working fine. If you are working on some other tab and returning to the old tab, you can find some candles are missing or some gaps.

  2. Either because of the above reason or some other, if we refresh an active chart, at least one previous candle is missing or part of the newest candle is missing. Ex: If you refresh at 10:45:45, candle part of 10:45:00 to 10:45:45 is missing. Very much irritating.

Have you noticed these already? or do you need some screen grab?


This should not happen. Can write to me, can get this checked.


@siva @sivasudi

Siva, You should know solution to this problem. The problem is with chrome settings. He has enabled the settings which put inactive tabs to sleep known as tab discarding
going to “chrome://flags/” and selecting “Disabled” under “Enable tab discarding”. will solve this,
Now thank me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you.



For further help


@siva plz solve the problem with studies in multi charts. Its very horrible.


Can you explain a bit more on this.


Can yo take remote access?


Sure, please mail me.


@siva @nithin
delaying or abandoning projects near completion with bugs and all to shift focus on many other things is not a good idea. Plz don’t let your customers suffer. If it is a known issue then sort it out with priority.
Don’t tread the path Mr Elon Musk is currently driving onto.
Here you can manage by deleting posts. Billionaire have to resort to attack whole press!!


I’m logged in on Kite since the morning and it’s working fine. Even now, at this moment, when you posted, it’s updating fine. Can you email @siva so someone from our team can get in touch, take remote access and see what’s going wrong for you?


The post was just to check if somebody’s intentionally deleting my post.
Just testing.
Kite was working fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Stands to reason that your posts are deleted due to such hi-jinks.


problem you described is very old and they are unable to solve it yet… I don’t know but they ignored this for long time . they are not ready to accept that it happens… they always say "everything is fine at our end, can you write to us @… very irritating… chart rendering is really a big problem with kite…


@NithinKamath @Nikhil.A @siva

(About erratic formation of latest candle and skipping of last 2 or 3 candles in 1-min chart when refreshed or opened for the first time)

Guys, At least confirm the issue from your end. I am suffering very badly thinking its an issue with my PC itself :confounded:. Don’t let all other go through this.

Finally came to know that i am not the only one suffering with this. as @RKYADAV said, this is very old problem. I am experiencing this problem from kite 2.0 itself. Surprisingly, now i am experiencing this missing latest candles issue while shuffling through various time frames in Pi too. :astonished:

If you want, i can reproduce the said error n number of times. Planing to post some video grabs of the issue.

@maddy_Des So you are one of us? :joy: