Kite 3.0 - beta!


@NithinKamath @Nikhil.A @siva

(About erratic formation of latest candle and skipping of last 2 or 3 candles in 1-min chart when refreshed or opened for the first time)

Guys, At least confirm the issue from your end. I am suffering very badly thinking its an issue with my PC itself :confounded:. Don’t let all other go through this.

Finally came to know that i am not the only one suffering with this. as @RKYADAV said, this is very old problem. I am experiencing this problem from kite 2.0 itself. Surprisingly, now i am experiencing this missing latest candles issue while shuffling through various time frames in Pi too. :astonished:

If you want, i can reproduce the said error n number of times. Planing to post some video grabs of the issue.

@maddy_Des So you are one of us? :joy:


I was told that it is at the top of their things to do, to remove the limit of drawings. But I don’t know how much time they will take. There is no such stupid limit in upstox or fyers. @nithin please look into this. Many traders are not happy with this limitation. Remove this limit asap.


This will take more time.


@siva i get that! I know things take time. All I want to know is an estimate, not any definite date. Things take time but I can’t be waiting months or years for such a small thing. I’ll think of switching if that’s the case


bro I feel this feature only available in next version…because cloud sync only possible for this type of feature…like trading view…


i don’t understand, what does next version mean? does this mean i’ll have to wait a long time for whatever version


all of a sudden the charts are not loading…


F&O chart is not working…


Expiry ka jhol he laugh out loud


Charts not loading.


Charts not working :frowning:


Charts not working

Chart not loading





This is the quality of services provided by zerodha…Proud to be a client of Zerodha…LOL…


This is exactly what i’m getting too, wth is wrong with zerodha man. @siva @nithin you need to work on this issue as soon as possible


i am also facing the same problem from last 10 min.-Today


@nithin are you not aware of this? How could you allow such things happening so frequently lately?


By the looks of things… Zerodha’s service seems untrustable… how does one take a trade if we cannot capture the ticks correctly… all learning goes to drains if we are not be provided with correct charts patterns… everything seems to be mixed up (read as messed up)…


If there is gonna be these kinda problems exactly when there are trading opportunities…what is the use of this service… agreed that today is the expiry day and it was the last hour but this is just not granted for… Pathetic service… prolonging issues… @nithin @siva