Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


View chart link could be moved to top-right corner so that OHLC values can be seen without scrolling @siva


Yes, let me check if that can be done.


@nithin @siva
Any app without a DARK MODE is not an app !


200 stocks is more than enough for majority of people I think. How do you even find time to track stocks more than 20 or 30 ? One watchlist for all bearish stocks and one for bullish and another for currencies and another for indices is all I use, totalling not more than 20 or 25.

Agreed fully ! A visual (on chart) tool to set SL/Target would be very helpful.


Our team is looking in to it.


Our team is checking on this.


Yes, horizontal line placed on chart would be great idea and price edited by moving the line up or down. I have seen that useful feature in some videos.


@siva any update on this? Thanks.


Can you fix these two issues

  1. I am not able to save preference after drawing the lines
  2. cross hair by default not appearing in the charts




Can you add option to see option chain and place order in mobile.


You have to save drawings as layout on TV and on chart iq it will be saved automatically max for 10 charts at any point of time.


How to switch to dark mode? I couldn’t find the setting.


Exactly what we needed most. This are all the main wanted list.

Organ than that mutual fund pledging and mutualisms STP in coin.


It doesn’t feel intuitive when you already have one stock in your holding and If you want to sell/buy it.
Definitely, you need exact information about current market price (bid/offer) when you are placing order.
But for that you have to first add that stock to market watch list.
If we have “Depth” option then it will be very helpful.

We already have same question regarding it… But it is old and closed so I couldn’t reply on that.


Check out the new Kite mobile :slight_smile:


While on TV chart option:after selecting multiple chart option it is displaying chart of only one scrip and not multiple, please check


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How to switch to dark mode? I couldn’t find the setting.
[/quote] @DN3350

It is available in internal beta, will release in couple of days for all who are using beta.


How to see kite 3 in black?


It is available in kite3, currently it is in beta, soon will be out for all.