Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


Got it using beta version on ios looks promising … looks different but good things is you have connected everything

Total/Particular = Invested amount
Total/Particular/Daily = Profit/Loss
52Week trend
Console==Fundamental (Smallcases,news, Breakdown)
Sentinel ==Set an alert

Really Appreciating Your Effort… I just asked for “Depth” option got all surprises…
Thanks to Zerodha & Team


Dark mode please!!

And too much white space everywhere, upper side, between script, etc.


Will be out in couple of days.


Provide upper limit lower limit


@nithin thank you sooo much… been waiting for it from long time.


And yes,

Nifty 50 stocks list at once in Kite

How can we add Nifty 50 or Nifty 200 stocks at once in Kite Web? I mean in a single click. Please add this feature. Much needed. @nithin. This will save lots of time. Upstox offers this, and you should too.


This is in our next list of things to provide.


How to Set the Dark Mode in Android App?


Hi @siva and @nithin, Thank you for the update. I love the interface.
Below are the requirements which I feel will help the end users

  1. Trying to view “Open,High,Low,Close” without scrolling down. Can either move “View Chart” to header or increase the popup itself accommodating these details
  2. If I place the order from chart then post it would be good if the app takes me back to the chart itself
  3. Placing the Order “+” (Assistive Touch) was helpful maybe we can have this in Kite3( Buy/Sell new interface looks good just the “+” assistive touch rather than clicking the standard button)
  4. Trading view has replay button in premium version, is it possible to implement the same in Kite ?

General Feedback:
I can see the team making more effort for the customer satisfaction. However, Zerodha loosing its name due to tech glitch especially during high volatility time period. I wish this perspective should change and happy to travel in your growth.

Once again, Zerodha team doing great work. Kudos.


Ya, already checking on this.

Will check this with team.

Will get this checked.

Not possible.


@siva There is problem in saving charts or chart layout ! Its not working like ChartIQ.

  1. I saved two chart layout in TV charts, whenever i open chart for any scrip it will open in default view of TV charts…! The chart layout saved in TV saved with scrip also… And when i load that chart layout i will open that scrip… So this is big problem everytime need to load that chart if i want to view in, in my view…
    So think there is something wrong as compare to chartIQ. Please check it.

  2. In running market, renko, line break get hang… even in mobile and desktop too.




no order is going through


Emoji for watchlist names? :grinning::smiley:


When I opened the stock’s depth view, i clicked to open the fundamentals of the stock but it didn’t work


Would be great if I could open charts of scripts which are not in my watchlist.
Currently if I search a stock and click on its chart, nothing happens


It has to be on your market watch for charts to open.


Means? can you explain a bit more?


Any tentative date or how much more time it will take for “Dark Mode” update release?


May be 3 to 4 days more.