Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


There is no option to open chart if I open stock widget from my position tab. So I need to back to Watchlist to open chart.


This will be available in next release, which will be out in next 3 days.


@nithin please do introduce price alerts on kite 3.0 directly with a buy/sell option in it as notifications…it will be Wonderful…


I want see this feature in kite web/mobile as well,

Trend line Alert

As available on Tradingview site.



In portfolio we cant see option to toggle between smallcase,kite only stocks and mutual funds like in kite web site.Please consider adding this


Thank you for the update @siva.




Not possible, instead you can use sentinel for price alerts


May not be possible for now.


@nithin please do remove the date in last traded at as shown in the below picture. Suddenly we think it as expiry. Display only time it will be best.


Will check on this.


Portfolio tab should also have the option to open charts. Currently we need to go back watchlist to open charts.


It will in next release.


@nithin @siva
Any plan for making a Night Mode for the app? Because in normal mode it is difficult to use the app for longer duration during trading hours.


@nithin @siva if possible please do introduce always on notification bar with positions real-time profit/losses displaying in it. Once we click on the notification bar directly it should got to positions. I think by integrating this feature you can also make kite mobile app always running on background. So that each and every time while we open the app it will decrease the time taken for loading the app.


Yes, will be out in few days.


Why one want to see pnl all the times, it will be a distracting one and not let them concentrate on trade, instead worry about pnl.



Any possibility of a good till cancel order type in kite 3(android)??



Not in kite3 app but soon, couple of months more.


I would like to ask these few questions, these are not directly linked to kite 3, but still…

  1. When will the Varsity app release??

  2. In console, can we get separate contract notes for intraday and cnc orders carried out on the SAME DAY. For tax purposes. It is very diffcult to separate the charges when cnc and mis charges are combined.