Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


For example Intraday trade’s of futures and options with cover order has high leverages so we take more quantity. Risk is more so I will be observing the positions statement frequently by opening the kite which takes some time to load every time. With this feature it will be easy for monitoring the positions. If anything surprises happens we can square it off immediately by opening the kite from notification bar only.

  1. The beta is already available.
  2. April 1st 2019 onwards we will have scripwise/tradewise charges. Post that we will show charges for intraday and delivery separately.


Any how those CO/BO will come with stop losses, so loss can’t be more than user defined, one can set sl comfortable to their risk taking capability.


Thank you sir for replying to queries unrelated to kite 3 beta.

Regarding separate intraday and delivery trade charges, it will make life alot easier. Thank you sir for such a change. One last question.

Q. Has the content in the Varsity app been reduced or is it the same as that of its web counterpart??



Content is same but it is broken into smaller bits so that reading can be easy.


@nithin. @siva … Wow charges will show on kite instantly? Once order placed and executed? That’s what it is? Or later in console


Which charges you are referring to and which segment ?


Ah no, charges on console. But unlike now where we see charges per day, you will be able to see it scrip wise, also in equity intraday/delivery wise.


@siva @nithin Any progress on release of Night Mode theme? There are lots of traders who primarily use mobile for day trading. So please release the night mode feature on priority basis.


You have waited for these many years, 2 more days, please.


@siva Can you please tell me Is the app optimized for Samsung Galaxy Tab A (7 inch)? Android 5.1 Lollipop.


Sure :joy::joy::joy:
Thanks :grin:


It’ll work on the device, but it’s a mobile app.


@nithin please do introduce target in cover orders in commodities. I am missing sudden raises in commodities many times.


In our list of things to do but will take more time.


After recent update in Kite 3, while opening any chart, I cannot see Crosshair cursor on charts in default mode. Please help to solve this issue at earliest. It is very irritating to enable it time and again from toolbar

Awaiting earliest response.


Will give option to choose in next release.


We have updated dark theme in beta for android, you can check and give your view.


I agree. Had pointed this out earlier.

Glad Zerodha is accepting and working on community suggestions.


Job well done. The Dark Mode theme is just awesome :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: Everything is just perfect.
Thank you so much @siva @nithin :smiley: