Lost 40 lakhs till now in trading

lost 40 lakhs till now…was going ok was in 25 lakhs loss but was going good following things one day lost 14 l more due to using huge capital kept on adding position and end up in huge loss.
not sure what to do now …stop trading completely take complete break learn analyze trade again start trading again dont know…
i have 3-4 lakhs final saving now. but completely broken now lost hard earn money/saving of 14 years in year or two.

have you guys lost and recover such big amount. i know i have been gambling and feeling completely ashamed of my self. dont know what to say what to do now.


That’s so unfortunate.
Can you explain what your strategy has been?


Well truly saying brother i was not following any good strategy else loss would not have reach to 40 lakhs almost 95% all savings gone.
80% trades are positive but whenever i loose i use to loose very heavily once my loss starts going bove 20-40k i end up in adding huge money in same trade by averaging and recenty i added big amount in trading capital and lost all amount in single day.

now not sure what to do what not feeling completely broken and depress now i dont think anyone from middle class family would have lost such hugesum
i have no idea what i am going to do and what should be done

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Did you trade in cash market or a futures contract of a single stock? You would have lost a lot of money in slippage itself if either of them is true.

Explain what you did completely. Is it stocks, F&O, intraday, delivery, what is it?

There are many traders who can tell something that will he helpful to you.


trading mostly in bank nifty but end up averaging in loosing trades till last penny/revenge panic trading instead of hedging or cutting losses quickly.

reason of losses. a. heavy trading .using all capital. b. averaging on loosing trade till last money c. very bad risk management or rr ration c. when i am in profit i close trade in few thousdand profit and in losses it went to lakhs .

now lost all confident after today very huge huge loss…

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intraday or weekly trading mostly in bank nifty…reason for loss is heavy trading with huge volume and no stoploss or no hedge position

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How long have you been trading?

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trading from 3 years sound stupid that even after thi i have lost all saving…main reason for for most of all loss is last 4 month and today.
main reason averaging till last rupees that too in loosing trade.

Are you option buyer or seller?


Tough luck. Do you have a source of regular income ?

yes have job…but lost almost all saving of 16 years…


i do both selling buying hedging but whnever i break rule i end up in huge loss…only 3% trades are responsible for loss


Savings lost but livelihood is there. That is bit of a solace.

What was lost will hurt. Take a break. Relax, reflect and then take it on from there.


It is very sad to lose savings of so many years. I don’t know what advice can be given now other than to stop trading for a while. With that much capital, you could have just sold far OTM options every week. I guess it is easier in hindsight to find flaws and provide right strategy.

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Very sorry to hear this, @Vikii

Desire to get rich quickly and revenge trading are two of the deadliest mistakes most of us traders do. I have done it and i’m sure there are others like us too.

Taking a break makes sense and once you get some capital and confidence back through savings, make a fresh start but keep moderate goals. (if you trade with 10 lots, do with 1 or 2)

And if its possible for you, make some investments in good stocks or ETFs. Don’t look at the short term view, it might look gloomy but if you do SIP and make even little amounts in trading over 3-4 years, I’m sure you can earn good amount of money with compounding effect kicking in.

We as a community can definitely help you in building back your confidence whenever you feel low. Don’t feel you are alone in this battle. It’s a tough phase, but you can overcome this.


I can’t feel what your experiencing but from my life experience what i know is Money can be earned when your fit from body,mind,soul and sometimes it just take 1-2 year for drastic change in Financials,you encash from many other avenues and earn in 1 year what your earned in all 10-20 years.With your huge experience, you surely earn it back from your active income . Take a break , work on other aspect in life /job and take complete break from trading for a while.Reflect /plan . This is what helps me to move on in life when something unexpected happens to me. I join some sports or gym or dailiy classes.It diverts my thoughts and physically also makes me more active it also releases stress buster hormones. I make myself busy in my job, learn something new.Read and watch some random and learn other avenues.Go for vacation or meet relatives


Take time off…

You must Have been an “A” student, doing well in your job/career, never making mistakes, etc…

You need to work on your “NEED to be RIGHT, all the time”.

Your symptoms:

  1. Cutting your winners small, but refusing to accept losses till they get too large. Psychological need to be “right” is met as soon as ur in profit.
  2. Refusing to accept being wrong, by throwing good money after bad, by following a martingale method of money management.
  3. Thinking of a loss of 25 L out of a 40L base is “OK”… without stopping at that point or earlier.

Sorry for the tough love, but you need to work on your need to be right before you even think of touching the markets again.

Yes, if you figure out and work thru ALL your emotional issues, and have a good plan, you can recover, in time… as long as that is not your goal…. Just focus on the trade at hand.

Best of luck


Absolutely right trying to get every trade in profit by averaging only causing problem.
Yes luckily I have good job but the way i have lost money is . I don’t know completely irresponsible or stupid…

Will be taking break may avoid trading completely if i am not able to control myself…any further loss will break me completely.
Thanks :slight_smile:


All points are correct …i was going very well from past 3 months and if i traded same way i would have cover that 25 in 3-4 years but today’s loss completey broke me now .
Have to introspect myself thoroughly…
Thnx for reply friend :slight_smile: