Monthly Mutual Fund Industry Reports

How to get monthly Mutual fund Industry report. Is there any regulatory that provides consolidated monthly reports of of all mutual funds, ie, the shares bought and sold …


don’t think you will get consolidated report for all funds anywhere… best place to check changes in portfolio will be by referring to monthly portfolio disclosure report mutual funds provide… you can check out websites like economic times, moneycontrol

Amfi shares over all data, check this, if you want fund wise you can check the individual AMC website.



I remember long back @nithin had mentioned “we will work on it”.

Please refer to the first paragraph, last sentence. Point #10 was about MF industry news, TER changes, AMC addendums, Fund Manager changes, and other happenings like the weekly newsletter sent by Kuvera.

Not a priority and in our experience hardly 1 or 2 users have asked for it. We don’t want to write send alerts about MF industry news etc because mostly it’s noise and 100 people are writing about it, there is very little value we can add.

But we are working on a period newsletter to talk about important things that actually make a difference to investors.

Fund manager changes, scheme attribute changes etc do make sense, will look into it.

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Thanks. That would be great.
Also, I think it is better to subscribe to multiple sources. I also get my feed from many sources like the usual moneycontrol, Value Research and some other sources like Marcellus PMS newsletter etc.

That’s just you and the investors who really care about all updates at a granular level are a handful.
Most investors don’t care about all these things having interacted with them. They already would have subscribed to 100 different things and we wouldn’t want to add to the noise unless we have something worth saying.

AMCs disclose their monthly portfolios and their scheme factsheets on their website. Apart from these they publish updates about their funds etc and you’ll get an email. But there’s no consolidated report as such.

Thank you