Pi for MacOS is possible now

I just went through Pi Installation and noticed Nithin is basically struggling to tell everyone that Pi for Mac is not possible because Pi runs on dotnet.

Looks like Microsoft has heard you. They have come up with Visual Studio for Mac and recently released “.NET Core” for cross platform development. As a developer I have tried it myself. Now your requirements for implementing Pi might be very different from mine, so all I can ask you is to give it a try from your side.

Attaching some links for you to checkout :

Number of Mac users are increasing in India, so kindly give your attention to this. Now at least you cannot give that same excuse :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks,Will get this checked with our team.

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Everyone seems to be hearing @nithin nowadays, the meeting with PM that results in retail clients being able to avoid the STT trap, Bill Gates building dotnet to make it compatible with macOS…

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That is funny


i tried long back by installing Pi using wine in MacOS…
it worked , but not relaible …

Have they started building pi for Mac?

Maybe you should issue IPO and raise capital, build better products, platforms that can run on Mac. You guys have done so much operating in the limits of a discount broker.

@Blancos @Matti i installed .net core and visual basic running fine but not pi help me out

Now that .NET is available for MacOS, is there timeline for the mac port for Pi?

We checked on this but it is not possible.

In that case, can Tradescript be included in Kite using HTML5 browser notifications and JS based parsing?

We are working on something similar using kite, should be available in coming weeks.

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Any estimate on the number of weeks? :grin:

Have you tried Mono or Xamarin?

Zerodha team, any update please?

Many MAC people are there, please bring PI to IOS. @nithin

I am just wondering why zerodha team don’t see the benefits of developing the bridge in java, If they do it’ll be portable across platforms.

I am amazed that neither @NithinKamath nor Zerodha team has even responded to the query!!!

Pi on MAC is not possible as it is developed using dotnet framework, if it is complete inhouse product we could have done something, but not.

@siva It doesn’t really matter what a .Net is or what a framework is, all that matter is product and the customers. Zerodha is NOT CAPABLE to giving product to mac users that is all matters. When great products were designed like Adobe photoshop they would have started with windows but they were able to create for mac as well or vice versa, same for IDEs like eclipse/intellij, media players like VLC media player. These are few examples of some different fields which care about the customers and instead of finding reasons of not doing they came up with a solution.