Practicing Equity Swing Trading With Only Price Action Analysis

After many years started Equity Swing Trading using only price action analysis and found it quite stimulating to the mind and a good way to practice and refresh my skills. In this thread I intend to post the charts of the trades that I take along with reasoning behind taking those trade. Trade duration will be short to mid term based on eod analysis. If anyone following this thread please do not copy the trades blindly as I will be taking the trades based on my risk profile and your risk profile would be completely different and hence consider this as only for educational purposes.


Bought GPPL: Reason for buying explained in the chart:



good luck in your journey… if you want to learn about price action there is great thread on this forum named “price is everything”… you should go through it…

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Bought KSB:

Hi @Nilesh_Nayak…

All the best for your journey.

I am also an price action trader doing swing trading.

I am trying to form a community of PA Traders.

Please do msg me in telegram @ttwizard if interested.

The forum is to share knowledge only and for no other purpose.

Hi @REVANTH, Thanks for the invite, however I am primarily a quantitative systems trader. This exercise is just to challenge my mind whenever I get some free time.


on what basis do you say “support available”?

Its just based on my interpretation of the price action at the support line, after breakout 3 bars tested that line but closed above it.


but how do you interpret that there is support.

Can you see the orderflow at your support levels?

The price charts only shows executed trades , not the pending orders(level 2).

you cannot say there is support or resistance based on executed orders at a certain price level.


@trader_dude that could be true as I am not an expert in formal PA analysis…the way I analyze may not be a conventional one and is just based on my experience and understanding of market. I am satisfied with the executed orders details and the price action it reflects and not interested in level 2 orders or any other indicators. I try to keep it very simple and if the orders are getting executed and price is not able to break the support or resistance levels I am fine to take a bet… as after all its just a probability play and not an exact science…:slight_smile:

Bought NH:

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Bought NBCC:


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interested to know why you bought there when there is no support or resistance…

Have explained the reason in this post when I bought it.

aah… if it was me i would have probably taken trade after breakout… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Sir, even trading breakouts work…what I have learnt is that buy and sell timing plays a very small part in the overall strategy… being consistent with our risk and money management framework makes the real difference…:slight_smile:

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