Product updates over the last year at Zerodha

I’d raised this exact same issue with a Zerodha representative months earlier, and had got this response:

Been charged with quite a few instances of DPC for overnight EOD shortfalls…

Another thing is that this rule had come on May 2nd, and these guys hadn’t properly updated their margin on that day, which was admitted on the call as well as on the support ticket #20230503897343:

This allowed overnight traders like me to take more size than the funds available. Got charged DPC. When I raised this issue, they didn’t even have the courtesy to reply, let alone a provide a refund for something which is clearly their fault…

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Hi @nithin These are great updates! However, I strongly believe DDPI activation process should be online. I recently tried to activate DDPI and realized the need to courier physically signed forms. It seemed odd that it’s not digital but I did that immediately and got rejected because of signature mismatch. With all honesty, I have picked up a pen to sign a paper is once per year on average since last few years as almost everything needed was digitally authenticated and signed, including opening a trading account. No wonder, my signature didn’t match. Taking to the support, although very helpful, the solution was sending more physical documents to change signature and involving a bank executive. Out of curiosity, I checked if other brokers have the same requirement and was surprised to see that in few other platforms, DDPI activation is fully digital with Aadhar authentication.. I wouldn’t want to switch to another platform just because of trust I have on Zerodha even though activating DDPI is important at this point. I have taken losses because my GTT SL was triggered but sell transaction failed due to CDSL tpin requirement. I can’t think of a good reason why DDPI activation is not digital in Zerodha, but please consider implementing it and in the mean while I would really appreciate if you provide an alternate way to authenticate my identity remotely to activate DDPI. Thank you.


@VenuMadhav ?


Hello @VenuMadhav @nithin

Following up my request to activate DDPI. I have raised the below ticket to track the request raised in the thread above. Kindly consider and provide a viable solution for the same. Thank You.


Missed replying earlier. Will have someone check the ticket and suitably respond.

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