Share pump and dump stocks here

Hi all

was reading this below thread and thought, why not create a thread where we can all share instances where we find any stock being advertised or pumped in Youtube, telegram and elsewhere so that it can help all of us to stay away from such pump and dump counters.

This was my previous thread on a similar topic :

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This should be helpful indeed especially for new comers in the trading world.

This can be really helpful for new people entering the stock market and can serve a way to avoid stocks which are notorious for their pump and dump.

YouTube is one of the favourite hunting grounds for these scamsters.

With just multibagger word, lakhs of investors are trapped.

And most of the channels remove such videos once pump and dump is done.

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Yeah Youtube is probably the biggest platform for them. I would suggest doing research regardless just to avoid them. It takes more time sure but you also educate yourself about many other options

Pump and Dump is going on Suzlon. Be careful.

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These types of stocks are suggested as diwali picks.

YouTube, indeed, is very helpful for newbies to learn from experienced traders. Traders need to be alert and gain all sorts of knowledge to secure themselves from scammers at all times.

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It is a good idea and there are many ways in which this plan can help inexperienced traders.

There seems to be a lot of live streaming of people trading anyone ever watched one?

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This is a good idea! It can be very helpful if we contribute to such a group or thread from time to time. Fraudsters send comments on the internet urging investors to acquire a stock rapidly, claiming to have inside information that some development would result in a price increase for the stock. When buyers enter the market, the culprits sell their shares, causing the price to plummet substantially. Then, new investors lose their money.

It is crucial for traders to know in detail about pump and dump in stocks and the various methods scammers employ to do so.
By being aware of such scams, traders can protect themselves from ‘pump and dump’ in the stock market.