Stocks hitting LC

How can we sell a stock if it is hitting LC?

We can sell if there are buyers, but no one will ask for more than the LC price. Sometimes there will not be any buyers, then we have to wait.

Is there no other way to sell the stocks in LC and how will we know when the LC will open?

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Only way ( no guarantee) to exit is place AMO order at Limit price of Lower circuit next day . In that case you will be first in line to sell your share with best bid. Again , if there is no buyer then no guarantee you will be able to sell share. For Fno , its different story as circuits shifts after 30 mins so its possible to exit .

BTW, what’s the share?

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GGPL…holding it from 60…now its hitting two back to back LC and I want to exit badly

Thanks for your help

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Yeah , it seems a scam running around. I too was getting regular messages and looking at price action was sure it was scam . Maybe complaint to SEBI , i hope you come out and save your money.But looking at volumes now it looks they have marketed and played really well ,distributed so much volumes now i think circuit will open much below weighted avg price of 81.5 where they will get back there shares back which distributed way below price or maybe they never want that share at first place, can only speculate what was there plan behind the scene.


How much money is stuck?

2lakh 40 thousand is stuck

@AlgoEye if I mail it to SEBI, will it actually help?

Tollfree Investor Helpline

1800 266 7575
1800 22 7575

Register Complaint here and see . Give them all the details and facts what has happened, maybe they will investigate against them

You are in big profit thought. Assuming you have 4000 qty at 60. Profit of 128000.

@AlgoEye thanks for the help

@Celina the average price was around 78…i dnt invest everything at once…but yes i am in a good profit…but the profit needs to be realized as well

Seems you got a good tip.
Haha…hey welcome to the community anyways

@Celina tip of my life🥲…
Thanks btw

Consider this incident as a learning experience and avoid entering in such stocks in future. Otherwise you will be out of the market having no money left with you.

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@Stonecold surely man

@Sayan_Streak : Were you able to sold some quantities today? its quite luck based as i can see 6000 orders

I too have purchased GKP, GGPL and Shubham…waiting to open up now…all held up…Can someone guide what the next step can be.

I Suppose GKP had also announced bonus issue of shares in August.