Latest "Potential Pump and dump stocks" which are being circulated using ads in Youtube

While scrolling through Youtube recently, Found these 2 companies where stocks were recommended (Stock tips) using an Ad in Youtube.

Lesha Industries Ltd.

The above video was pushed as an Ad in Youtube.

I then went and checked the chart and volume of the stock and found this unusual volume spike.

Vaxtex Cotfab Ltd.

Similar pattern of pump n dump visible even in this counter.

SEBI’s Stance on Pump and Dump

SEBI is against promoting stock tips using Social Media by unregistered persons, Pushing it as an Ad makes these above companies potentially suspicious and it is very likely that these are pump and dump stocks.

I found the below posts useful in learning more about these pump and dump schemes.

I hope people avoid falling in trap of videos like these and do their due diligence before investing their hard earned money.

I Hope team Zerodha has nudged their customers about these stocks.

Disclaimer : It is not a buy or sell recommendation from my end. Only sharing this info hoping that ppl do their due diligence before investing in a stock which is being circulated as Ad in Youtube.