Short delivery and price gets low on T+1 Day

Hello every one…I sold 500 shares using bracket order on friday 6th Oct 2017 on a price of 1763 but it got in the upper circuit so zerodha was unable to squareoff at 3 20. now on monday i.e. T+1 day price goes to 1735. will I get the profit from auction market on T+2 day?

@Kushal_Gupta_Love I dont Think You will get anything. BO/CO are for day Orders.
So, Zerodha will eat Your profit by applying So, many Terms and Condtions.
Its, My View.

The profit from the Short delivered stocks will go to the Investor’s Protection Fund as mandated by SEBI. Please refer to this circular by SEBI on the same(Page 10).
Whenever a stock goes to auction, you have the possibility of losing money if the stock had moved higher but no profit if it goes down. Read more on consequences of Short Delivery here


But in the consequences of short delivery page it is mentioned that if the price for the share goes down then we will be given benefit but it depends upon the T+1 day closing. profit we can get can not be greater than the difference between the selling Price and T1 day price.

what are the chances that exchange will done in this case? i m worried as the loss may be of 1.8 lacks as 20%


What happened to your short sell, ? I know it will be difficult to bear the loss. If you know earlier you would not have done.

If you share your thoughts many other will benefit.

15000 loss…while price goes extremely down for that share…i shud be in profit but thanks to zerodha who ate all my money

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What has zerodha to do with it?

What has zerodha to do with it?

i sold the 500 share for 1763 and price goes to 1690 after sorting…i shud be in profit…but finally i bear a loss of 15000

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@Kushal_Gupta_Love Zerodha can’t eat any money like that. There will be an auction note that the exchanges would have sent to us. We debit based on what exchange asks us to debit.


This will expain better Short Sell Auction Penality

Don’t start blame game for your losses. Why don’t you trade in liquid stocks. There’re numerous liquid stocks.

zerodha did not provide me any note after T+4 days

This can happen.
Raise a complaint at
Or email at [email protected]
Or download from Q

Can you email me your details on [email protected].

There was an instance of short-delivery occuring in my account because auto-square off did not happen at Zerodha on 18-Mar-2020, when I had short sell of 6000 ZEEL shares. As per short-sell rules highlighted in your help page, the auction price is set out at MAX value of above 20% of closing price of T+1 day. The closing price on T+1 day was 141.2 so 20% above closing price would be 170. But you have charged at Rs 185 for settlement. I don’t understand why such high price is being charged from me when it was fault in Zerodha’s system. Auto-square charges of Rs 20/ was getting regularly deducted for this service only from zerodha from my account during the past few days which shows i had been a regular user of your auto-square service. So why am i unnecessarily penalized with an exorbitant liability.


Hello Rajiv, i have made the same mistake on 7th Apr 2020 tuesday, i mistakenly sold axis 3000 share at 387 rupees,
i am not aware of short delivery rules, can you help me i want to know how much i will be charged? on T+1 day high and closing price is 427.7 and 391.35 and on T+2 day high and closing price is 423 and 420.15. Please tell me how it was calculated any idea will be very helpful. Thanks in advance. my mob : 9429611618

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Hi Himanshu,

My realization after the experience was “Short delivery” is only treated as a curse by the stock exchange and the person taking short call has liability to pay for it.
T+1 day closing price in your case would be 388.85 (391.35 is LTP), so 1.2*388.85=466.62.
Auction price most likely that would get charged upon you would be 466.62.
Did auto-squareoff not get triggered in your case.

In my case final settlement was done after about a week.


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I have also stuck in this error bro … on same day on same price but i have played in laverage having only 15000 of capital and short 150 shares in 350 price of axis bank and did not get square off due to hault errors

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