SWP / STP in Zerodha


Where are they availabe?

I did not see anywhere in the coin website…


Seriously…I can not see it anywhere. we are talking about STP/SWP.


Hi @nithin it’s been 9 weeks since you posted this. Are we close to the release of this feature?
Any timeline?


Next few weeks can be anything 10 weeks,20 weeks …52 weeks…
Some of the request are even 52 weeks old

so every Zerodha client need to have inherent characteristics of being patient…

Being Patient would also help us to become successful investors…
so take it on the lighter note Zerodha is teaching us to be patient…


Can we get an update on STP so that we can park money in Liquid fund and later transfer to other fund via STP.

@Nitin Can we have an update please


@nithin Please update the below mentioned features soon…

  1. SWP and STP

  2. CAGR or XIRR feature

Coin interface is very boring man, less options to play with. Rightnow, I did an,

SWP in DSP Blackrock --> Bank (Standing instruction) —> Zerodha,

This is very time demanding process, Please arrange option for SWP/STP and XIRR feature instead of absolute returns.

Thank You


@nithin: I believe a reply won’t hurt much. Can you please tell us if the implementation of these features is in the pipeline even?


@nithin, appreciate if you can share timelines for

  1. STP/SWP
  2. Direct SIP from bank account rather than moving it to Zerodha - I still understand standing instruction but convenience of direct SIP will be good
  3. Mobile app
  4. Adding Franklin

Of these, first one is really critical. I am skeptical about further investing without any timelines being shared. I recently had to do a bulk investment and hence invested through Ultra short/liquid fund and then issued a weekly STP to the desired mutual funds. Eventually I had to do this through FundsIndia.


@dhiraj.jha @Vijay_Kumar_Polimeru @GauravChauhan @rameshbitra

STP is coming soon :slight_smile:


Can you share tentative timeline by when STP/SWP will be implemented?


Any updates on this STP, SIP from Bank, CAGR, XIRR ? @faisr @nithin


STP in COIN, I think there are some difficulties in implementing, such as

  1. From an investor perspective, STP may be costly in COIN, since all the Mutual fund units are stored in the DMAT format, for every withdrawal (transfer from one fund to the other), there will be redemption charges of Rs. 5.5 (DP charges), we cannot eliminate.

  2. Caution : Even if they implement STP or SWP, we have to think twice before putting the order, since if assume 5 STP’s to 5 different funds per Month means = 5 X 12 X 5.5 = Rs. 330/Year (worst case), which is above the monthly subscription charges, and trading account charges (if you are doing some stock transactions, then it is OK otherwise, this is an additional burden on “only COIN” users)

  3. Another thing is redemption time, right now it is T+2, It means once you put an order for redemption, it takes 2 days to get Money into your account. Since units are stored in DMAT form, every order has to follow T+2 time frame, in the case of investment through AMCs (MF companies) , it is an internal transfer (i.e. within the AMC) but in COIN it is different.

SIP from the Bank is not in the hands of ZERODHA, SEBI have to create some facility for brokerage firms (who are selling MF units in DMAT form) to accept direct payments from bank to mutual funds, until it happen we have to wait… and also we have to Rs. 500 annual charges for account maintenance, which is compulsory.

Considering all these, Total year charges for “only COIN” users will comes around = 600 + 330 + 500 = Rs. 1430, which is almost equal to 0.5% additional expense ratio for a portfolio value of Rs. 286000, which we are paying for a unified interface/single window interface in the worst case) (some times total STPs and SWPs may be more, if you diversify reasonably or run parallel STPs and SWPs, in that cases Rs. 330 may be even moreeee)

CAGR/XIRR and P/L statement for mutual funds Can be implemented

Above mentioned are Just my calculations as an investor may not applicable for everyone, You can calculate for your case…

Hence, implementation of STP may not happen in soon time possible, we may have to wait (:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:)…

Why is Coin based on demat?

Thanks @Vijay_Kumar_Polimeru for spending time on detailed answer. If we could get alteast upgrade of COIN that will be good.

@nithin and @faisr @Bhuvanesh Can you please comment on thi.


Demat AMC is Rs 300 and not Rs 500. Btw, this demat AMC also allows you access to equity markets.

STP yeah, will have that Rs 5.5 charge since in demat. But in today’s age a Rs 5.5 charge, hmm…

Btw STP will take some more time, we hit some issues implementing them.


Any update on STP and SWP in Coin. What happen to Coin APP ? When the soon will happen @faisr @nithin


The app will be our pretty soon but STP and SWP will take time.


@nithin @faisr @Bhuvanesh
By when can we expect the CAGR/XIRR and P/L statement for mutual funds in Coin or Q… this is a very basic feature for any mutual fund platform. There are other threads in tradingqna where same query has been raised and everywhere the reply is that it will be introduced soon (some of these threads are more than a year old). Can you tell the exact date by when this basic feature would be introduced?


This time answer will be Pretty Soon


Any updates on this @nithin ?


You mean it’s coming soon?
Right now I have to doit manually and its tedious.