SWP / STP in Zerodha


You mean it’s coming soon?
Right now I have to doit manually and its tedious.


u will be getting it as your answer from Zerodha folks. But it will not come. Better switch from coin


@nithin @faisr @Bhuvanesh
People have been following up with you guys for over a year and the answer has always been that the feature of CAGR / XIRR would be launched soon. But it’s just a promise that is not being delivered. It’s such a basic feature which would not require any phenomenal coding. Still it’s taking so long for launching this feature.
The least you can do is answer authentically to the query.


Saw your posts in the Kuvera AMA thread. So, thought you should know - Kuvera already launched full SIP-STP-SWP support.