SWP / STP in Zerodha

Hi @Neelesh, is there any possible way to participate as beta tester ?

@VamshiKrishna Yes, currently SWP feature is under beta testing and we are working on fixing some bugs and enhancements that we noticed.

We have planned to be completely live with SWP on Coin (100% production on app) by 15 September 2023 and STP is expected to be live after that.
@akashtripathi not as of now :slight_smile:


Since SIP using zerodha coin is more like Lumpsum Investment rather than AMC SIP.
Are we expecting same structure in STP too. This will mean that we will be able to STP between different AMCs which was not possible in MF Folios.

Hello Nitin

Congratulations for your AMC launch :clap:

I think I can’t be a better time to get this feature out to your customers, I believe it would be a grt incentive to your business too (PS: I’m interested to invest in these funds :wink: ).

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@Neelesh A New feature for XIRR should be included for individual MF and for total MF investments. I had to use valuereasearchonline just to see Xirr now.

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@subbu_setti Agreed.

@Neelesh @nithin XIRR need to be made available in all Zerodha platforms - like Coin, Console where all MF investments can be tracked / monitored. There are innumerous requests from existing users of these platforms for a really long time - i am surprised why and how this is not addressed / resolved yet?

@VamshiKrishna this is already work in progress and shall be live shortly :slight_smile:

This is great. I am actually looking for something like a simple metric of ROI (XIRR or IRR or whatever applicable) that considers all money put into market and taken out of market for the whole portfolio. And compare the same value if it was done into plain passive index.

Then more people might turn passive which seems like Zerodha goal as well if its really that most people cant beat index.

What are your thoughts @nithin Sir

Yep, we will have something up on Console soon.


@nithin / @Neelesh Could you provide any timeline on when XIRR would be available in Kite, Coin, Console platforms?

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We can’t promise on any timelines as of now on XIRR, but will be live soon. :slight_smile:

I see for SWP 15th September is a date, but for STP any tentative dates? I have already put my lumpsum funds in short term debt funds, and eagerly waiting to setup STP to the same fund house equity funds.

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@Neelesh @nithin


Waiting for STP to get live…

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where did you see this? is there any communication regarding this

@BornArcher8 . I have learnt that whatever ETAs you see here are useless, unless you actually see the feature don’t have any hopes. Infact, this thread was started 7Y ago where nithin replied saying “soon” 7Years back .

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@Neelesh @nithin Timeline for SWP provided by you was September 15th, but the feature is not out yet. Is there any specific reason for the delay, and if so, please provide us an updated timeline for this feature delivery?


@nithin / @Neelesh Could someone respond to our concern on why SWP feature is not yet out on Zerodha Platforms, even though September 15th was the promised ETA?

Hi, @VamshiKrishna @ranton137 apologies for the delay we will be pushing this feature to beta by this weekend :slight_smile:
You will be able to create and track SWP on coin, with whatever frequency you like.