Tradingview charting version

Let me check and get back to you on this.

These are not indices but yields of individual bonds. All bonds are listed but most of them don’t trade, so, you’ll see nothing.


Kite already shows debt indices. Just search for “Nifty GS”


@Bhuvan i doubt the indices showing kite and TradingView Same!?

What you see on Tradingview is not an index. It’s just yield of the yields across various tenors.

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@Arockiya_Raja Hi, the beta 2 is so unreliable. Charts don’t load, esp in real time, take so much time, refreshes to work. Along with pop ups to refresh chart, error fetching data etc.

Are there going to be any end for these? It totally ruins the charting experience in Zerodha.

Please look into it.

A humble request.

Stability issues have been significantly resolved. Could you please provide more information in DM, including an issue screenshot and the client’s id? I will get it checked.

This is way more delayed then it should be.

Also pls check your dm.

This is a significant update from the previous version, and we encountered unexpected delays because of the issues that arose related to various preferences. We’ve now resolved most of these problems, and the chart is stable now. In addition, we’re close to releasing another feature in the chart, which should be announced soon. We’re also working on the TFC at the same time. Your patience and understanding during this process is greatly appreciated.


Is it me or?

  1. Zerodha Charts stop streaming if you open more then 2 charts with few indicators.
  2. Lately fetching data errors are very frequent
  3. Kite TV charts has become almost unusable
  4. Or do need a 16 core 240 W TDP processor to stream the charts?

Everyone pls chip in your say on this.