Tradingview charting version

@Arockiya_Raja what is @Nithin Kamath email id? That id where he actually read mails :slight_smile:

Also his actual handle here, not the one which is handled by a fancy PR @nithin

The new version of the TV chart has already been tested, and only a couple of important new features remain to be completed. Because the rest of the chart is tested, testing will be very quick once these features are ready.

Next month

You have tagged the correct handle. We discussed this update and are doing everything we can to make it faster.


Hope @nithin still reads the threads, if not reply. ( like old times)

But now since he is a tycoon, his priorities might be different.

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The easiest email to guess :wink: [email protected] or even [email protected]

I don’t have anyone other than me handling any of my handles anywhere :slight_smile:


Oh! The @nithin himself replied.

I feel honoured.:pray:

Thankyou for the reply.
Since you are on the thread already, no need to repeat why I am after @Arockiya_Raja :blush:

Hope things will move quicker on this.

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The trade from the chart feature is tricky to build on as we must integrate it into a third-party charting platform. There are many edge cases when placing an order, especially around the current market and when there is volatility. But yeah, we are looking into whatever best we can do here.

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@Arockiya_Raja @nithin

Why don’t you just make these updates cyclical - like Google or Apple etc. Just fix a date or a month every year and roll out whatever is ready by then - a major update as it were. Any leftovers can be updated during the year or clubbed with the next year update.

This way all this confusion (and sometimes story telling!!) can be avoided. The current situation of being perpetually stuck with a much older feature set when compared to other brokers can also be avoided.

Just a suggestion - I am sure it may look entirely different when you see it from your perspective

If possible please share your thoughts why a cyclical updates won’t work


Dear @nithin thank you for your response.

I was wondering why chart iq ordering system was not implemented even in ChartIQ ver 08 which i believe is latest and greatest from Chart IQ.

This would have been a great alternative to TV TFC (Trade from Chart).

See screenshot

I have also posted a sample of Dhan TV TFC on another thread for @Arockiya_Raja reference

Pls have a look.

Eagerly waiting for trading view update. I hope it is as per schedule next month


Is it happening?

Just asking so that I can be mentally prepared and start shifting my FnO capital back to Zerodha for the most requested experience.


@Arockiya_Raja are there any dates or timeline you can provide for this update to arrive for Beta and final?


He had mentioned it will be launched in June and that’s probably gonna be the beta version.

I hope it’s June. We traders in this thread are desperately waiting for it.

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We are really despreate for this update. Please keep sending some positive vibes


Yeah really hope it comes out in June it’ll take trading and charting to a whole new level…
@Arockiya_Raja Will there also be the replay function as there is in the original version of TV


We update the chart version when a significant change occurs in the charting feature; otherwise, updates are not helpful. Since this is a vendor product, it is challenging to adhere to this practice due to dependencies.

In the mobile app, ChartIQ was not up to date and several important updates needed to be addressed as a priority. Due to this, it was not feasible to combine the TFC upgrade.


I am afraid, cannot guarantee that this feature will be included in the upcoming update.


I hope “Trade From Chart Feature” will be there!

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yes, This is the only pending bit that we are currently working on.


And I Hope " multi-screen desktop Support and multiple charts in a single window" to be there :slight_smile:


Well June is here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, should we expect it before second half of June or June End?

We @nx.vijay @CN_ib @Rajesh_K1 are asking frequently because we wanna shift our trading to this system soon! :heart_eyes:


Well I guess the second half would be fair to expect :slight_smile: But any later than that might make things troublesome.