Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


What I am saying is, if I plot a chart using data from tick by tick data from colo, that will be different to what you get through data vendors. We can’t then call the data feed that data vendors give as wrong. All I had was an objection to you calling data is wrong, it isn’t.

And also what I am saying is that being in the industry I know a lot of professional day traders, they don’t care for this.
Anyways, no point as we both can continue to agree to disagree. Cheers.



So what you are saying is that professional day traders don’t care about current day open/high/low?

There is a point here that we must agree or disagree and that is to do with current day open/high/low.

Kite/chartiq/pi/trading view current day open/high/low don’t match with nse exchange while global data feed/esignal matches open/high/low perfectly with nse exchange. This is why i have to use amibroker with these data providers.

Now are professional DAY traders OK with that by your confession?.

So what i am to understand here is that current day open/high/low need not match with exchange for day trading?.

Is every day trader here OK with that? Please give your inputs.


@siva Do we have support for pine script on these TV charts?


Not supported.


@siva @nithin The Atr Trailing stoploss indicator is not there in the new chart… Is there anyway I can get it? Also would like to know if the old chart will be available or will it be taken off ? I use ATR trailing stoploss which is not there in the chart…


Not available on TV, you can use on chartiq, both charts will be available.


Can anyone explain the difference between trading view and chartiq charts and also trading view advantages???


Nifty mar futures and nifty index

The nifty mar futures candle that i have highlighted has opened significantly below the nifty index open

Is it a datafeed mistake, chart mistake are did nifty mar futures truly opened at that level?



Ya, this is a freak trade, can find the same from NSE website, futures has volumes where as spot is just a reference.


Both charting libraries are build by different vendors, may be one should try by themselves to find the advantage of one over other.


@siva if sometime the price gaps below my stop loss will my order not get executed?


@siva please let us know by when we can get the issue with new candle formation when using multiple time frame can get resolved, it still persists.

This is an critical issue and showstopper, until this is resolved we cannot perform further testing.


SL-M order will get executed at any price


We are checking with TV on this, may take few more days, this won’t happen for single charts but in few cases for multi charts.


@MaverickRabidDogIa You mean any price below my stop loss level?


If it is SLM it does but if it is SL-L it will sit at limit after trigger, if it gaps down below limit price then it will sit open.


siva sir,
multi chart didn’t perform all … just one chart will go on live other chart not working…


Yes. SL-M order acts just like a market order once the trigger price is crossed.


got it, thanks!


Its the battle of the candlesticks. Refresh!!!