Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


plese add kite tradingview chart to candle Countdown timer indicator (scales) setting @nithin @nithin @siva


I am facing issue while changing the Day to Weekly charts in TV, its say web page is slowing down the user? is there others also


Can’t see weekly candles in TV charts or not uploads …


Tried the same now, weekly candles takes a bit longer to load, compared with the other TF’s , but eventually it loads after a minute of waiting.


Yes, weekly taking more time to load, we are checking on this.


I completely agree with Trader_Dude.
The Day open/high/low/close should match.
Not only that if we consider any time frame like 1-min to 1-hr in Intraday, the price levels and patters should match.
Tick data is not needed for this. When ever anyone ask on mis-match on prices, Zerodha mis-understands it as Tick data and will attach the same old reply.
I don’t think many of the traders are looking for tick data or price match at Tick level.
Please do-not get the tick-data into the conversation at all, it is misleading and deviating the topic.
Which is like some one asks a question in English and he gets a reply in latin or greek.

Please try to understand that we are looking for price match at day level or at interval levels like 15 min or 1 hr but not at tick level. Which is much needed for any trader (professional or not).


how to save same chart layout for every chart in TV charts?


@nithin, @siva why are you not fixing the refresh issue with TV charts? this is happening on 1min, 5min right from day 1 of launch. Pls try to fix ASAP. Thanks.


All indicators can be added as templates, drawings has to be saved under layouts.


This is fixed for all but on multi chart layout, one or two boxes can stop randomly, we are checking on this and can take few more days.


oh…yes i’m facing issue with multichart…it just stops in between & doesn’t move at all. I hope single charts work properly.


Trading View is so cool.

Really liked the lightness and the under the hood settings.

Issues are plenty… esp. refresh… if only that could be sorted out… it would be fantastic.


Should happen by this week end.


@siva…even on single charts this issue is there…for example currently its happening with banknifty 29900 call option. I guess this happens when you open chart in one window & move to other Kite window…this never happens with TV so your implementation is always buggy…we saw the same during kite 3 earlier…pls resolve ASAP as TV charts are useless for us if they don’t refresh…


It should not happen for single charts at all, let me check, but anyhow most of these things should be sorted by this week end.


@siva , @nithin. i respect you guys for your sincerity and efforts, i have only one request, take back all (or price then even higher for all) the services you provide us to make money, just provide us a stable platform to preserve what we have


hi @siva indicator template save function on TV is not working , then how can save indicators, :rofl:

default template save function is also not working

NB;- if these are working on your browser then clear the history and try :stuck_out_tongue:


@siva. Please help me with theme saving. In tradingview chart, Everytime i have to open saved layout whenever i relogin. Instead saving it permanently, Like IQ chart. Please update me weather it can be done or not?


Layouts has to be saved and loaded every-time, but if you want set of particular time-frame and indicators to open every-time you open a chart, then add them and set as default.
Click on the rounded box to set as default template.


Yes. I tried. It’s the same. Please check once. Please once you try, when i Logout and login again. It’s default from yourend.