Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


Can you do it now and confirm, I tried from my end, it is working as expected.


@siva sir, he is right i have tried hundreds times since launch, display preferences always show as previous, like chart area, indicator values and candle color. how to set these things as personalized


@siva. You should please consider this. It’s effecting time & effort of mine


Indicators can be saved but not set values for indicators. Let me check on this if we can save those also. Drawings can be saved only on layouts and need to load them every time.


sir my main concern is my favorite candle color and chart adjusted to price should be saved, you can say it as a theme or else



That’s what I’m asking. Do we need to load everytime? We need like it goes with Chart IQ.Whenever I re login, Old settings are lost


Let me check on candle color saving.



Also, just as a reminder, could you please check the crosshair issue for Currency futures? It is still not resolved.


Yes, will be in next release which should be out on monday.


Hi @siva any tentative date for resolving multiple charts refresh issue.


Hopefully for next week.


You are right candle color saving problem.
Template saving issues, indicator saving issues in tradingview kite charts. Default time frame saving issues.


@siva. Dear siva, Thank you very much for your time and efforts for responding on every thread over here. I truly appreciate your work. In addition, The real issue with TV chart is THEME. I’m really effected by this. What you mentioned above

If it has to be load everytime? End of discussion. I got it! But my request is, Do we have to load it everytime? Why Can’t i save it permanently like in IQ chart. I need it very seriously. Please help. I tried every possible way to do it. It’s no use.
I was very busy when you called me and it is not possible to take the call in morning hours. Please understand my issue. Please do something if you can. If not! It’s okay. I will continue with IQ. But in case TV chart theme is saving permenently it will be very beneficial to me. I tried all the way. Once page get refreshed or re logged in, Everything gets to TV default chart. You once try. After customizing theme color, time frame, indicators. Just log off and log in again. Open other scrip. You will see it’s not working. I took my time to write this. It’s my sincere request to go through it and respond according. Thank you very much.


Is the option for trading view disabled?

I cannot see the option to switch from ChartiQ to trading view in my profile/chart preferences


Same here


This is how TV charts are, we are just giving what is built by them, anyhow will send all these requests to them to look in to.


Can relogin and check once.


So is that final answer? I have to load the layout everytime?


Zerodha you have to fix that layout saving problem buz every trader have their own chart layout… And it’s Verry difficult to set chart every time when you login… Hope u understand it’s Verry big problem for traders


Agree, but that is how TV charts are, we can’t do any changes from our end as charting library is owned and built by TV, but as TV client we will put this request with them to consider.