Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web

Can check this from NSE website, open is 157 only, may be all other are wrong.

OMG i just can’t believe :frowning:

That means Amibroker Chart And all Other popular chart platforms are wrong?

It’s Verry shocking that OrionLite, & Amibroker are providing wrong data

BTW OK thank you @siva for clarification

One can popout chart if they want to analyse with more space and can load other scrip from that page itself, can place orders from there itself.

Its more time taking. Suppose i have watchlist of 15 stocks, so either i have to pop out every one of them and then load my fav chart layout in everyone of them (bcz when u pop out, default chart layout is loaded). Or I pop out just one chart and then analyse other scrips by writing their names and opening them. Dont u think its gonna take time in intraday as well as eod analysis. Suppose I want to do eod analysis of my watchlist stocks (30-40 in nos) in full screen, do i pop out everone and load my chart layout and do analysis. Its not easy brother. Pl talk with ur team.

No need to load evertime, you popout chart and then load new scrip chart on same page itself, have you seen search bar on chart yet?

I have mentioned it in my last comment that either popout every chart or just popout one chart and load scrips writing their names. So yes i know this feature, but my worry is to write 50 stocks which i analyse daily.

So, you are saying writing name in search bar is taking time?

If its 1 or 2 stock, its good but for eod analysis, one has to write for every scrip which one wants to analyse. Frankly speaking I have 70+ stocks and do u think i need to write and remember 70 stock names and search.

See in tview, even when u maximize your chart to full screen, you can easily go to next scrip chart in the watchlist by just pressing down arrow key. Its very helpful. If this can be done here, it would be great.

after saving default chart layout and chart layout,
when i opening new chart my colour styles not showing as i saved.
i have to load again n again daefault chart layout from top right corner.
why ?

Can check this.

We would like the following —

  1. Ability to move stop loss using drag and drop inside the chart just like Fyers.
  2. Ability to place orders by right clicking inside the chart just like Fyers.

Kindly add the “replay” option on trading view as it can be of great help for zerodha users.!!!


Chart layout saved in one PC is not open in another PC.
ex. I saved chart layout name XYZ
but this layout XYZ is not open/load in another PC.

please solve this problem.


Layouts are saved locally, hence that is not possible, templates are saved on cloud.

I have watching “Eichemotor” stock the price not moving on both the chart. i will updated the pic

And then i have open the market depth windowand then only the price was upadating another pic.

Not only this stock yesterday also the same thing happened.
this problem happening for me alone or others are also facing the issue.
please help me out this kind of problem


if I am not wrong then any trading terminal has to get Sebi or exchange approval
before any client can trade through it. if so then, is Trading View got that approval ??

You could able to trade through TV?

This is specific to you, will reach out to you.

OTHER BROKER is providing this service so i was confused , weather its approved by exchange or not?