Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web

Which broker?


It should be approved only.

that is my whole query that if its not approved then how they are providing it and if its approved then why Zerodha bought only charting part and not trading part also…

Trading part is not good, very tough to trade, trading means not just placing an order from chart, should be able to navigate easily between holdings/positions etc and much more. We choose not to take it. Also we can’t do much changes to it as we require, currently we could able to offer many features because trading terminal is our inhouse built.

its not a specific client problem sir, its becoming common. again multichart issue started. most of the time only selected chart moves. its noting else then multichart issues we faced in starting with TV in kite


Thanks siva
Can you tell me where the layout saved locally (in which DIR/Path).

Browser cache.

Solved… :+1:


@siva recently I noticed that the nickel mini contract is no longer available. Similarly now the copper mini contract is available only for june & I think it will to disappear from july. What’s happening? Is there something I’m unaware of?

mcx exchange have stoped them…

Can check this, also same with copper mini.

@siva How to draw a horizontal line for previous day close that keeps updating itself everyday?

Not possible to update to previous close automatically.

@siva @nithin tv charts are stop working ?
is there any problem with zerodha server ?
in market watch price shows 4080 and on tv price is 4086

Thanks for brought the best trading platform… :heart_eyes:

Yes i tried it, But it works for only 10-15 charts after that it automatically delete the old layouts and display only last layouts. So the drawings on old layouts was lost. Please suggest the solution for saving all drawings on chart

At a time only 10 layouts can be saved, follow FIFO method, first in first out, latest 10 layouts only.

@siva When change the time period on Pi Chart, the candle starts forming from that instant - the history of the current candle is lost. For example, if we change from 30 mnts to 5 mnts and then come back to 30 mnts, the last 25 mnts of the candle is lost, it starts forming from the instant we came back to it

what should I do?

Let me check, also I would suggest to use Kite as new features won’t be coming on pi as it is third party platform and kite is inhouse application. We will be coming out soon with exciting features on kite alone.