Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


Yes, but could you please check the screenshot that i had posted. The price pointed by the cross hair is showing as 92.00, but it should actually be 92.20

92.00 is at the bottom of the chart. I have attached below screenshot, might be more clear.


See in below chart 200DEMA is arount 274 when zoomed in and also see the 200DEMA line-its not complete.

Now See the below chart when we zoom out the 200DEMA is around 280 and the 200DEMA line is extended but still not complete.

@siva please solve this problem.


@nithin Great job !! by you & team to implement TV charts. Many thanks. Can you pls do a favor…if you can kindly add 75min & 4 hour timeframe in charts? What about triggering buy/sell directly from charts?


Ya more data is needed to plot for higher averages, will check this.


Will add 2 in, 2 hour and 4 hour charts in coming weeks, trading from charts will take more time.


Checking this.


@siva there is a candle formation error in tv chart

where 5 min last candle shows time 12.35 ; LTT showing 12;52;14
pic attached



In Multiple charts, Some of them gets stuck. As you can see in above image, 5 M chart is static while 1 M and 1 D charts are working fine.

Refreshing does solve the issue, but the issue is recurring.


@siva Appreciate the effort put in to add TV charts to Zerodha.I have a query.Is there no volume profile indicator in TV charts. I couldn’t find. Please help.


TV don’t have it inbuilt.




Thanks, checking this.


@siva is there anyway we subscribe to addon on TVcharts on zerodha?


We already checked on this but not possible it seems, finding other ways, btw you can still use it on current chartiq.


There should be option to change the timeframe quickly as on TV website instead of the drop down menu. Like this-


Will check on this possibility.


can’t search from the chart itself still. Why to add a scrip in the watchlist first. All of the scrips should be searchable from the chart itself whether in watchlist or not. Also the keyboard shortcuts like ` or A don’t work & the searchbar of the chart opens. Now we can’t add a scrip quickly & neither can we search the scrip from the chart as it’s not in the watchlist


For now it is like that, will check if anything can be done in this case.


@siva So both ChartIQ and TradingView will be available all the time or ChartIQ will be discontinued after sometime ?


Both will be available for near future.