Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web

Thanks @siva

Order Placing is the only reason I am sticking to Pi, Kite is far far better for everything else

On multiple charts, I just have to press F1 or a single tap with 3 fingers on my Surface Pro

In Kite:

  1. Chart IQ - Order placing on 4X4 charts don’t work, when I press B a search box opens!
  2. Trading View - In multiple view, we have use the mouse and look for that X on the right corner

Is there any easy way of placing an order in the multiple charts views ?(after all, orders are Zerodha’s as well as my bread and butter na)

Kindly help

As of now one can’t directly place orders on kite charts yet, but we will be working soon on this.

@siva, saving link is not working for around half an hour in TV chart

@siva, when i am saving any other chart it works, but no response when i click on chart which i want to save. i have drawn many lines on it around 10-12 which i want to save, is it because of this??

No issues I notice, can you message me your ID?

mine is RV4091

problem solved, created all new and got it saved

Pls check the leadMini chart on TV for all time frames. And take appropriate measure for its correctness.

How to get Continuous contract for Nifty Future symbol using Zerodha TV chart. Earlier we were having continuous chart in ChartIQ but too is NOT accessible right now.

On TV continuous charts are not there yet, available only on chartiq for now.

Please add feature for alert insertion from chart only

save as default not working. can anyone help me about this issue.
i have to change again and again candle color.

@siva can you plz add this feature favorite timeframe like this in tvc kite.

This is not possible as TV won’t offer all these out of their charting platform, anyhow will check on this.

timeframe and indicators can be saved in default template.

@siva I don’t want to see my Holdings in the Dashboard as soon as I log in. How do I make it happen?

yes., but i want to switch btwn timeframe in 1 click. in tvc charts they visible inline.
see the chart where i draw a green line.

emm… I think nothing can be done about that.

you are right bro, but when we get something for free, we have to adjust somewhat. if you want to feel like professionals go for paid one, how much rich content you get in free pack, it can never compete with paid (except some fields)

shi he bhai :smiley: but abhi beginner hu paid ke liye thoda experience hoga tab le lenge

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