Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


Drawing are disappearing & chart settings restore to default. I shouldn’t have to load my chart layouts, they should be opened by default. Even after saving as default template




@siva @nithin tradingview is a simple charting platform if the charts are not plotting correctly then what is the use of this platform :joy: 5 min and 15 min candles are not forming


Make a toggle button to hide this.


5 minute candles & I’m sure on other time frames too the candles are misbehaving. Suddenly they stop updating. Also they are forming on weird times like this image where a 5 minute candle is being formed at 3:07 pm. png


Agreed, something missed in deployment , should be sorted for monday, just giving out TV is straight forward but to manage two different charting’s at a time is little tricky and took us sometime.


Where is the option to display actual price for Heiken Ashi candles instead of HA price as available on TV?



No continuation chart for futures stocks? Currently its showing 2 months only.


New candle didn’t start to form on 1hr chart in crude oil and when I refreshed the page all my drawings disappeared !!

Looks like I’m using chartiq for a little more while until TV gets sorted


You mean on TV or current chartiq?


Screenshot%20(140) Screenshot%20(141)



For renko charts, the block size for Kite Tradingview chart and TV charts (web) does not match. For example, RELIANCE INDS timeframe 1 day, ATR 14

KITE: 17.13

Also, the renko charts do not match due to this discrepancy.


Renko charts block size does not match with trading view charts. For example, RELIANCE renko block size is 17.13 in KITE while 26.55 in Trading view. please correct.


Saved Chart layout was delete automatically Afture clear browsing history… @siva


Layouts are saved on local machine, not on cloud.


Cant view 4 hr candel ,hw can i ???
Koncham tvaraga answer cheyandi


It is not there yet, will come in few weeks.


@nithin @siva i wish and Hope , you will make, available ChartiQ forever !!


Both will be available for near future.


For Tradingview chart.

Proof attached.