Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


That means when ever we open TV chart we have to set layout again and again…
ex- background colour, candle colour and all that…


Dear Siva,

What does it mean that both will be available in near future.

Please inform is there is any plan to remove the chartiq charts later.

My sincere request is that please dont delete chartiq charts. I really like those charts and cannot trade wothout them.


Nithin. thanks for bring this. This all will make sense for many traders if and only if pine scripting is brought on because many traders have their own strategy or indicators designed in pine script which allows traders to take their decision…



It’s 11:07 Pm Friday all Eod charts are showing LTP of 3:30 pm .

Once the market is closed the chart should show the closing price of the stock than the LTP.

An eod trader studies charts After 5 Pm. So Closing price chart should be ready around that time to place AMO orders.

My question is when will be EOD charts updated to Closing price ?



@siva TV charts stop working on mcx at11;30 pm ;; IQ chart plotting charts ,

pic attached


hopefully one day we will have server issues and order issues resolved while all the new features including TV is a great thing to have. In trading view when i press number pad keys to change timeframe it happens very neat. However I don’t see that happening here. I can’t seem to change timeframe to a custom options, please enable it. @siva


Oh man that’s awesome… Can we buy and sell from tradingview chart? Can we import our trading view settings? Are historical data of future available yet?


Can we buy and sell from chart ? Is it possible to exit positions from chart itself?


Waiting for this future… Really awesome… this is very powerful… waiting for trading on chart future… that is currently fyers are providing…


Waiting for this option


1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour time frames seem to be not available .
If those are available it would be pretty great.


Dear All,

        see please there is more gap in the left side , you can provide a cursor adjustment to scroll left or right i point as arrow please consider , so we can get more space and neat to see


@siva Do you have any plans to add suuport for charts at time frames customization like 45 min or 75 min, that would be very useful.


Could someone help me to apply Volume Profile in TV? Thank you.


Hi Nithin! - Appreciate this new charting tool feature.

  1. I am facing a issue - every time we open new chart - the template setting are not getting applied - if we use load chart template then the symbol is getting changed to the symbol on which we had originally saved the template - this should be getting some priority from your side.

  2. Option to add favorite to any feature / tool is required. ( Screen shots attached )

  3. Unlike chartiq set up short keys for buying or selling form the chart do not seem to be enabled / configured, hope this is coming very very soon?

4.I saw a demo on another trading house using TV for charts and there a person could place order from the charts directly by clicking the chart. One could also view any open orders on the chart itself and bonus was the pending order could be moved by dragging on the chart



can anybody tell me if BUY/sell from chart possible like original tradingview ?..and drag & drop kind of thing for modifying order ?..thx


This is noted.


Trading directly from charts is not yet available but in our list of things to do, will take sometime.Currently, continuous data is available on chart iq.


1 hour is there, 2 hour and 4 hour will be added soon.


To add on, the trade panel is available though.

Also without opening the trade panel, click on B o S on your keyboard to initiate buy/sell order forms.