Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web


Will be sorted in couple of days.

Yes, will be enabled soon.

This is not possible but one can popout charts and use trade panel to place orders from chart page itself, even one can do by viewing multiple charts on a single layout.


Volume profile is not there on TV, we tried getting it but was told it is not in built, any how you can continue using on chartiq.


Okay, I am more happy with chartIQ than the much hyped TV



Please include Linear Regression indicator. That’s a in-built indicator.


What ever is inbuilt in TV, we have given all those, also you can check linear regression curve is already available.


Some in-build indicators in are not available on Kite TV chart. OK… leave it :slightly_smiling_face:



Dear Siva!
Thanks for the inputs. Can you confirm about the favorites options getting enabled? This is very useful and helpful feature. comes very handy to speed up the work. Re-attaching the screen shots for reference.



Scrolling Up, Down, Right, Left I mean TV chart is not as smooth as The old IQ Chart…

Thank god zerodha not remove iq chart from kite…

But if zerodha fix that small bugs then Tv Chart is preferred choice for traders …


All these would be sorted in coming days.


waiting eagerly for 2h and 4h :slight_smile:


Please inform is there is any plan to remove the chartiq charts later.

My sincere request is that please dont delete chartiq charts. I really like those charts and cannot trade wothout them.

@siva waiting for your reply on the above. Is there any plan to remove chartiq charts in future.


No plans to remove, both the options will remain.


@siva Anything on this one?


Is it possible to use custom indicator of tradingview written in pine.
Volume profile is missing.


Can we able to access Volume profile indicator of tradingview on kite also…


@nithin @siva

Hi Nithin and Siva,

Good morning. Hope you had a good weekend. I have a query about charts in trading view.

When I select 30 mins time frame the candle is formed using data from 9:15 - 9:45. The issue with this thing is the last candle of the day will have data only from 3:15 -3:30.

Is there any way I can configure TV in Kite so that first candle in 30 mins time frame will be formed using 9:00 - 9:30 am data?

I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Kind Regards,


It is not possible. Anyhow market starts at 9.15, so in that case it will have only 15 min data.


No, but from chartiq, volume profile is not inbuilt indicator of TV.


Not possible for now, but will check if we can do something in coming days.


I think you meant No, because volume profile is not available in trading view charts