Tradingview Charts are now live on Kite web

Sir but I am not able to get it. It is not showing in indicator list.
I request Zerodha to get session volume profile from tradingview as a chargeable custom tool if now available for free.
That will be great help to trader community who are using Zerodha as broker…

That’s because it is not available

It is not available on TV, can check on chartiq, volume profile is not inbuilt indicator of TV.

Hi @Siva,

The crosshair value issue still persists. But, i verified on a few other stocks and Nifty Futures but it is working fine there.

I am only facing this issue on Currency futures. Please see below screenshot for reference, this was for GBPINR Mar future.


Sure, will check this.

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@nithin @siva
VWAP values in TV & IQ :joy::joy: crudeoil data in charts
:clown_face: zerodha

pic attached

@siva 200DEMA calculation problem is still not solved.
check the below charts. see the price of 200DEMA and the line of 200DEMA.

Now check the 200DEMA calculations and price when we zoom-out the chart.

please solve this problem as soon as possible.
thank you.

This may take sometime as TV consider only that data which fit in to trading panel, will soon change this from our end.

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@siva, @nithin

TV is great and all. But the data is ALL wrong.

you cannot DAY trade with TV. Doesn’t help people who trade using Current day Open/high/low.

Try giving a subscription model for data with TV, otherwise TV will be another failure.

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Data means? can you write to me @ [email protected] with more details ,please.

Thank u so much @nithin sir.

@siva, @nithin

Data = current day ohlc.

To be more clear, if you take data from say Global data feed or esignal. The current day ohlc matches on both GDFL and esignal feed. But it doesn’t match with yours.

This is the main issue.

I understand data is not free from exchange. if you can tie up with some data feed provider it will lessen the burden on you.

Say for e.g tie up with global data feed for paid data subscription with Zerodah TV as charting platform.

Those who want free data can use your feed and those who want accurate current day ohlc can use paid subscription.

if this cannot be done, i m afraid we are going no where with any kind of charting app/package. Simply doesn’t help day traders.

Give this point a serious consideration.

Note i m only talking about current day ohlc which is what matters most to day traders.

For positional traders, data is just fine. But even they would need accurate current day ohlc for entering/exiting.

Anchored VWAP which is a cool indicator available in tradingview but not available in kite

@siva all drawings and indicators are gone when refreshing chart in TV…please fix asap

Drawing need to be saved as layouts.


Any update on charts refresh issue, the issue still persists @siva

You mean automatic update of chart ? if that is, it is sorted right?

Thanks…also why no option to display actual price when using HA candles instead of calculated HA price…TV has that option

If you are checking on TV website then not necessarily we may also have it because few options are not provided on distributed platforms even though they are paid ones.

Ok thanks