Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


self declaration intelligent? hmm…


@siva Can you please tell us will the custom time frame charts feature be available on Tradingview charts on Kite.


Fyers broker is giving awesome trading platform from trading view , in chart also we can trade adjust everything i love it, they r new broker they r providing TV platform , but zerodha fail in this matter its very slow somebody chasing zerodha to overcome in service and platform in best,


We will offer more time frames than currently available but customized is not possible.


Dear Siva,
please bring futures like trading on chart itself to buy and sell, like Upstox , And fyers you are no 1 broker.but you r not providing those futures , For long lot of people requested a night or dark theme to platform you never provided its a very simple things u r not considered


So is it coming this week?


3 More days … :slight_smile: Waiting… Hopefully by Feb 4th TV Charts are available for Zerodha customers. Excited.


with the absence of vol profile, lvl2 and custom scripting - this integration will do little to help your trades. If you want my advice I recommend that you get a pro TV account, you really won’t regret it.


yes fully agree !..TV pro is really gr8. @nithin…you may take a nominal charge but this would make a big difference into your offering


Volume profile is available in current charts, we allow both chartings, also we provide level 2 data only and for scripting one can try


Even if we are ready to pay TV is not selling that pro at enterprise level, what we got is paid one only.


your vol profile is not customizable, TV allows customization of volume metrics even per candle. So anyway, I was advising users to buy a TV account if they are serious about making profits or learning about trade. they allow live paper trading as well…so that’s a good thing.


Can take a week more, will update here once beta is out.


@siva Two things -

  1. What is your idea on “Convert all” button :slight_smile: as mentioned in point 5.
  2. Can you add this indicator in Tradingview if there is any way to do so easily ?

Here goes the source code -

study(title='Bounce Chart', shorttitle='Bounce Chart by Unofficed', overlay=true)

    _return = high[_n_bars_back] > high[_n_bars_back + 1] and low[_n_bars_back] > low[_n_bars_back + 1]

    _return = low[_n_bars_back] < low[_n_bars_back + 1] and high[_n_bars_back] < high[_n_bars_back + 1]

    _return = high[_n_bars_back] <= high[_n_bars_back + 1] and low[_n_bars_back] >= low[_n_bars_back + 1]

    _return = high[_n_bars_back] >= high[_n_bars_back + 1] and low[_n_bars_back] <= low[_n_bars_back + 1]

    _condition_00 = f_up_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_down_bar(_n_bars_back)
    _condition_01 = f_outside_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_down_bar(_n_bars_back)
    _condition_02 = f_inside_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_down_bar(_n_bars_back)
    _condition_03 = f_up_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_inside_bar(_n_bars_back) and close[_n_bars_back] < hl2[_n_bars_back + 1]
    _condition_04 = f_outside_bar(_n_bars_back) and close < hl2
    _condition_05 = false
    _return = _condition_00 or _condition_01 or _condition_02 or _condition_03 or _condition_04 or _condition_05

    _condition_00 = f_down_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_up_bar(_n_bars_back)
    _condition_01 = f_outside_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_up_bar(_n_bars_back)
    _condition_02 = f_inside_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_up_bar(_n_bars_back)
    _condition_03 = f_down_bar(_n_bars_back + 1) and f_inside_bar(_n_bars_back) and close[_n_bars_back] > hl2[_n_bars_back + 1]
    _condition_04 = f_outside_bar(_n_bars_back) and close > hl2
    _condition_05 = false
    _return = _condition_00 or _condition_01 or _condition_02 or _condition_03 or _condition_04 or _condition_05
f_swingchart(_swings_high, _swings_low)=>
    _trend = na(_trend[1]) ? 1 : _trend[1] > 0 and _swings_low ? -1 : _trend[1] < 0 and _swings_high ? 1 : _trend[1]
    _return = na(_return[1]) ? 0 : change(_trend) > 0 ? nz(_swings_high, high[1]) : change(_trend) < 0 ? nz(_swings_low, low[1]) : _return[1]

swings_high = f_swing_high(0) ? highest(3) : na
swings_low = f_swing_low(0) ? lowest(3) : na

swing_chart = f_swingchart(swings_high, swings_low)
zigzag = change(swing_chart) != 0 ? swing_chart : na

//plotshape(swings_high, title='Swing High', style=shape.triangledown, location=location.abovebar, color=#DF514C, offset=-1)
//plotshape(swings_low, title='Swing Low', style=shape.triangleup, location=location.belowbar, color=#4CAF50, offset=-1)
//plot(title='Swing Chart', series=swing_chart, color=change(swing_chart) != 0 ? na : black, transp=0, offset=-1)
plot(title='ZigZag', series=zigzag, color=white, transp=0, linewidth=2, offset=-1)

//barcolor(title='Up Bar', color=f_up_bar(0) ? #00FF00 : na)
//barcolor(title='Down Bar', color=f_down_bar(0) ? #F30000 : na)
//barcolor(title='Inside Bar', color=f_inside_bar(0) ? #66308F : na)
//barcolor(title='Outside Bar', color=f_outside_bar(0) ? #00BFF0 : na)

inputRepaint=input(title="Repaints on Real Time?", defval=true)
inputShowSH=input(title="Show Swing Highs", defval=true)
inputShowSL=input(title="Show Swing Lows", defval=true)

isHigherHigh(value1, value2) =>

isLowerLow(value1, value2) =>

swing_highs(currentBar) =>
    isHigherHigh(currentHigh, high[currentBar+2]) and isHigherHigh(currentHigh, high[currentBar+1]) and isHigherHigh(currentHigh, high[currentBar-1]) and isHigherHigh(currentHigh, high[currentBar-2])
swing_lows(currentBar) =>
    isLowerLow(currentLow, low[currentBar+2]) and isLowerLow(currentLow, low[currentBar+1]) and isLowerLow(currentLow, low[currentBar-1]) and isLowerLow(currentLow, low[currentBar-2])

rightMargin=inputRepaint ? 2 : 3

offsetSH=inputRepaint ? -2 : -3


offsetSL=inputRepaint ? -2 : -3


plotshape(inputShowSH ? isSwingHigh : na, title='Swing High', style=shape.triangledown, location=location.abovebar, color=white, offset=offsetSH, size=size.tiny)
plotshape(inputShowSL ? isSwingLow : na, title='Swing Low', style=shape.triangleup, location=location.belowbar, color=white, offset=offsetSL, size=size.tiny)

It is just a mild suggestion. If not given that is fine too :slight_smile:


This is not possible as for example one may not have enough money to convert all in that case what to accept and what to reject is the question.

Will check on the possibility.


Never came to mind. :raised_hands:


What are all these fancy indicators ?


they are custom indicators written in pine script, some are available in the public library. Don’t think they will be available in zerodha.


i Know They Are Custom Indicators, i have TV Account. I Just Wanted to know their names.


esignal is better for Indians. tv doesn’t have any futures data. Also if someone has the cash then get Bloomberg terminal.