Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


It’s popout. See the url


They are not available with Charting library! Only available on Tradinview full trading platform, which zerodha never does for obvious reasons.


yes but the main powerful tool is that Oder placing system which is powerful.


TradingView Without PineScript is Almost Useless…


If TradingView Give All Away For Free, Who Will use TradingView :rofl:


May be for you, but few others may find it useful.


Brokers like us pay them, also few things they keep for themselves and not giving out even if we are ready to pay.


We will have current setup only with just current charts replacing by TV charts.


So how will be the volume profile be retained in TV chart


TV wont provide that, but we also give current charts, in that one can use.


Unable to login kite beta version getting message this site can’t be reached can anyone help me out how to see new beta version


It may not have opened for everyone as it is beta version


So how to open it to check tradingview version in kite


Which version are you talking about ?


Beta version


Share link here



It is not yet available, will soon release beta version.


This is older link… Kite3 already implemented in main kite… Trading view Will come in kite… No new link


Ok…thanks for clarification