Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


one is squeeze momentum by lazy bear, other is pivot points by chris moody, vol profile, supertrend ocillator.


we able to use TV for algo trading using kite???


Hello @siva @nithin ,

Request your attention to the following queries;

  1. Will we have the current charts, along with TV?
  2. When TV is introduced will it have seamless integration with Mobile App as well (Rite now when i add a scrip to the market watch in kite web app, it will get added automatically in Mobile app also)
  3. TV do we have the market depth like how we have in the current Kite App? or are you planning to introduce DOM?

These are my first few questions, i will come back later when i have more queries.




Initially we go live on web, mobile will take sometime but yes.

Current market depth only.


Nice simple logic to de-clutter the charts!


Thanks @siva … I’ll have more questions… but when do we get sneak peek of the new much hyped TV platform… And I am really glad you’re also retaining the current platform… However if TV prooves to be traders fav will you still retain the current platform and provide regular updates… ??


pretty useless indicator, it re-paints itself to fit the chart after the session closes.

#209 is not at all working for me.



This may be a naive question. I am very happy with the current charts on KITE, keen to know at a high level (big picture) about the real advantages of TV over KITE charts. Could someone educate me on this please.


I too think kite is good enough for majority of stuff.
On-chart buy/sell/SL buttons will be awesome.
If there is something like pinescript in kite then the deal is done, nothing else is required !


Same here. I’m also completely satisfied with Kite Chart and consistently profitable trading in Index & sometimes stock futures.


For one you can’t have drawings on more than 10 scrips. Not a limitation on tradingview


So tomorrow. Waiting…


We all close to it, but will take few more days.


Hi . Will tradingview come with trend line based alerts? When is the update expected to come out?


No, next week will be out for beta.


In tradingview we have many indicators in public library can we expect this in zerodha? ???


No for this release but will try to add more in coming days.