Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


I hope it’s out by the end of next week. Really done with the current chart. Can’t draw properly. Fyers charting is really tempting.


Release on this monday would be exciting, i am eagerly waiting to analyze weekly Nifty Options using TV charts.One request can you please add 4 min candle time frame?


For this release no additional time-frames than existing are added but in coming days we will be adding.


BUT Do at least trading from charts like dragging our target points and stop loss points and one click close order from chart and reverse positions like options form we can visualize better our trading opportunities


Zerodha only implementing the tradingview charting not their trading platform.


TV charts won’t come with these but we do have plans on implementing this, will take much time though.


why i am using TV charts having this feature in thier panel.
but please implement this. it will very helpful to visualize the trade.

One thing More I dont know whether it is implementable or not in place of PI Dart stock version of trading software is helpful and cost effective with in built news panel scanner time and sales … if possible implement this also.


Hi Siva, I understand that there will be lot of work going on behind the scenes which we don’t get to see, just wanted to know if there is a timeline for when this will be implemented. (i.e Trading from the charts).

Without a dependable desktop trading platform, i feel this is a very essential feature for Zerodha day trading users as Kite alone is not very dependable or easy to use for placing/modifying orders quickly.


@siva when can we expect the TV charts? it’s been more than a month since the original announce plan post


Implementation is done, most likely in a week,beta release.


No hurry @nithin & team.

Please make sure they are properly tested before the deployment. Traders like us want everything like yesterday but your priority should be to properly test and deploy a stable product. The last thing we want is to have issues in charts or worse, server issues.


will there be multipel charts in kite ( tv) like tv


Is there any chance of trade from chart option in TV charts the bracket order directly from chart

Like I’m this link


No, for this release, will come in phases.


Yes, in later releases, initial release will be just normal charts.


@siva you should release kite mobile version for trading view same time.
Most traders generally use zerodha for the better charting app the kite.


Mobile will take some more time, initially it would be web only.


Having tradingview on kite platform, How does this make difference ??


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topic: Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon
raw: HI @siva
Is there any Final Deadline to add the Tradingview charts to Kite 3.0 Web platform.
The matter is being postponed since past one month.
Its my personal request please do not commit if you cannot launch the product on the due date.
Its been a history of Zerodha to postpone the product launch since past few years.
Please do not commit if not being delivered.



Saying No hurry and asking a stable product for a beta release, lol