Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


Having Turbo Chargers in your car, how does that make a difference ?


I tend to agree with this. It never is a great sign when anybody says that something will be done by a certain time and keeps on postponing it once that date arrives. And for a company ,that too with the size of zerodha, comes as quite shocking. Delays can happen at times but they shouldn’t be the norm.Hopefully you guys will be more cautious with such announcements in future.:slightly_smiling_face: @nithin


Any Update Regarding Tradingview Chart…? @siva @nithin


Will be out soon, the complication is allowing both chart iq and TV at same time, hence little delay in release.


There will be multipel charts???
Like 2 ,4,6,8 charts in a Singel tab???


Will be there.


Will it be possible this week? @siva


People are waiting such as they will turn profitable after launch of TV charts


Please release only on April 1 Monday, April is auspicious for financial products.

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If it is sarcasm, its Funny.
If it isn’t, its still Funny


Really unprofessional of Zerodha to say next week every week. If its delayed, a concrete timeline should be provided


@siva Can you put more light on what we can expect from Chart IQ i saw videos and they have trade from charts and also allow us to write custom indicators usingScriptIQ.Will these features be available.


Nothing more on chartiq for now, all the above mentioned ones are not available in charting library and they are not inbuilt, we have to build trading from charts etc, which we will be doing in coming days and will take more time.


Dear Siva When You will release TV platform its Long time We are Discussing


:grinning: true. TV not being there currently is the biggest handicap for trading and the sole reason for the losses. :grinning:



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I have seen chart iq which is best.


Please launch it by the end of February.I want to trade March series using it.


No. April 1st is better for auspicious reasons.

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