Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


Zerodha system goes down regularly now & they start blaming leased line, NSE etc when all other brokers trading system are running smooth. Why don’t you tell the truth & stop taking new customers as your systems cannot support so many users. Then they also keep this blog down as many would complain…pathetic…


Hello @siva,
it take more time to introduce tradingview .


Chart IQ is not a big deal don’t try to to integrate too many things and make the system more complex or unstable.We would be happy with just Trading View charts.Simplicity and stability is the need.


I put an market order to day at 9:15:01 but the order got executed only at 9:15:13. The order was showing as pending for brifely 10 secs due to which i made a loss of apprx 2k.

@siva @nithin can u please explain where the problem happened? Please dont say that there may be less bid/offers or the stock is not liquid. The case pertains to nifty 10900 put so there is no question of liquidity.

Also i want to bring to your notice that kite is not stable and chart does not work properly for the first 5 mins. U have to seriously consider this and provide a permenant solution.


Can check this for delayed execution at opening.
As I know kite is normal at opening apart from yesterday, and charts are fine, if you are facing any issue, you can create ticket here.


Thanks for the reply

Will check and create a ticket if necessary


When You will launch TV platorm long time we are discussing


Hi siva again wrong commitment with customers. I think zerodha just playing with customers. This week gone tradingview charts not integrated with zerodha.


I think we should just keep dreaming for TV.


Drawing tools are really lame in kite.
Please launch TV charts asap



Upcoming Tradingview chart will be have Linear Regression indicator ?


Dear Siva ,
why you are not replying about TV Platform whatever please reply


Nothing like that, we may release beta version this friday.


Wow…looks exciting!!

Let’s hope it’s this Friday and not the ones after it!


Well… Let’s see again on Friday whether it’s the mirage once again or the real oasis! :thinking:


Is the update coming today :grinning:


It’s already live.


Oasis finally!!:slight_smile:


i just saw it. Thank you!

Is there a dark theme option? :slightly_smiling_face:


where is link