Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


Can check here.


You can change background color to black and voila its dark theme

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You can choose either ChartIQ or TradingView under preferences in My Profile.

( My Profile option appears in the dropdown menu when you click your client Id at the top right corner of the kite web screen.)


After saving indicator template, how do I load it back ?


thanks i got it…


Shame on you zerodha so big company and don’t able to implement products in better way.
1.)No trading from chart like drag and drop features from chart.
2.)Second No ladder trading feature.
3.) Your chart is not synchronize properly data delay candle unable to form properly.

its a big shame on you now you are last at techno innovation and technical aspects.


Once again we are facing static data issue on Trading view.

Why is it that, we have to manually refresh every time in order to get real time data. Were all these glaring issues not tested before deployment. It is quite frustrating to face such issues which should have been easily detected in Testing phase rather than letting users discover themselves in UAT.

Not acceptable!!!

@siva, @nithin


bro i am moving out from zerodha.
zerodha is best for investing but not for trading.

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plese add kite tradingview chart to candle Countdown timer indicator (scales) setting@nithin @nithin @siva


This is great news. Those people are really making significant effort to make this platform a really good place with a lot of opportunities and as user-friendly as possible. Also a mobile phone view is great


Trading view charts are ver slow and monthly charts are not loading at all

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weekely & monthly charts doesnt open in TV ??? when this issue gets resolved?


For coming monday.


Who is the first in the list then?

Zerodha at least allows to put ur bhadas here. Other brokers don’t even listen you


Still it’s not resolved we are facing gchallenges in loading monthly and weekly view


Today it should not happen, can you check now.


It’s working thanks Siva


@siva, thanks for resolving multiple chats refresh issue.


When will it be possible to add tradingview custom indicators on the zerodha TV charts? Will we have pine script capabilities and functionalities too? Thx in advance.


Not possible as of now.