Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


That’s great but if u can bring it in mobile directly like 5paise would be great as sensibull doesn’t have mobile app … This is not helpful for ppl like me who trade via mobile app


Just click on the 1 month chart timefare at below right hand corner of chart u will get 4 hr chart


Sensibull will be coming out with mobile app soon.


Will we get tick chat also in TradingView?


What is tick chart and how it can be used?


Instead of time intervals like 1min,5min, 60min candel on chart, the candel is formed based of tick’s like 25tick or 50 tick or 200 ticks


What are ticks here, how it is helpful in trading?


Tick charts are more informative then time intervals


Hi @siva

These features mentioned by @unofficed are very much present and some also in free version also. Without all these simply TV charts won’t be of much use.

I would suggest an integration of zerodha with TV, where by users can place orders from TV itself.

Let’s wait until the beta version is released then we all can inform which feature is missing.


thanks !!. I learned something new


That would se using 2 apps for same thing. Whereas other discount brokers like 5 paisa, upstox have it inbuilt inside their own apps. This is where they are ahead in terms of innovation compared to zerodha


I don’t think they are anywhere near to Zerodha. First of all, Zerodha and Upstox - Both listen to each of their customer’s input which is very great. 5paisa. lol.

5paisa is very irritating in every aspect of UI.

Upstox - If you know what I mean - “Upstox is best for Selenium headless automatic trading”. That interface of that is very lag free. But, the normal platform will consume so much RAM that will crash every now and then with a white screen of screaming death. I can keep open 10 zerodha accounts using session box chrome plugin. Try opening one upstox without hanging anything.

**I liked Kite2 more than kite3 in terms of RAM Consumption (more correct term is - system pressure). **


Speaking of which @siva How about this kind of links - - Created from here.


any updates / news on " link to librecalc / libreoffice" ?


This is for what?



for keeping track of option /trading/positions / making adjustment / formulas etc


Already positions/holdings are available on our backoffice, console.


@siva no Siva i’m talking about live price feed in live environment where various customizations/ live calculations are possible ( like that in Pi )


That is not possible, may be you can check this.


not API just "link to excel like feature like that in Pi